My name is Alice O'Shea. I am a young Irishwoman, straight from Galway. At the age of twenty, I moved to the United States. I miss my emerald isle dearly. America seems like a nice country. I like it very much. I'm a five-foot-three, pound gal with short blonde hair and pale blue eyes. My skin is milky white, since I shy away from the sun. I wish I could go to college but I lack the proper funds at this time. Someday I will, though. In the meantime, I intend to have some fun.

I like walking around Boston, especially at night. I don't really fear attackers. I've always been unusually strong, though I don't know why. I can lift twice my body weight. I am not kidding around. I can also run a marathon longer than most people. Strength and stamina have always been my gifts. Passed down to me by my father, Eric O'Shea, Olympic power-lifting Blonde fucked by blacks track champion. My mother, Elisabeth Drake O'Shea used to be a professional wrestler, back in the day.

I do come from an athletic family and I am fiercely competitive and driven. I love competing against people of both sexes.

I once entered a Women's Arm Wrestling Competition. I faced off against some of the strongest female competitors in the United Kingdom. Nobody thought I would make it.

I took first place in the pound weight class, then moved onto the heavier ones. I defeated all of the women in the pound weight class, destroyed them in the pound class and finally captured the top prize, first place, in the pound Lift your skirt amateur. I entered the Men's Arm Wrestling Competition. Many of them didn't take me seriously. They learned real quick how Blonde fucked by blacks I was.

I was the only female Blonde fucked by blacks the contest, against dozens of men but I did alright.

I won fourth place in the Men's pound division. I didn't Blonde fucked by blacks much luck afterwards but I got my picture taken with Mature hairy pussy sleeping male Blonde fucked by blacks. I was good.

I had earned respect. The media loved it! Yeah, competition runs strong in the O'Shea line. My brother James O'Shea is a champion Rugby player. He's famous throughout the United Kingdom.

I love him. He's a good man. He taught me all about being strong and competitive. My father and my brother are two very special men who are very dear Blonde fucked by blacks me. When I told them that I was leaving Ireland to travel to America, they didn't believe me. At first. Later, they accepted it. I came to America, to make a life for myself here.

In the eyes of many, I was a champion housed in the body of an ordinary young woman. Unfortunately for them, there was more to me than that. I have a dark side which nobody knows about. I have a rather unusual fetish. My fantasy is to go out, pick up black men and bring them home to fuck.

I really do mean fuck them. Blonde fucked by blacks want to bury my strap on dildo into a black man's ass and make him Blonde fucked by blacks. I want to look into his eyes as I slam my strap on dildo deep down into his tight asshole, where the sun doesn't shine. Yeah, that's my secret desire. I see a lot of videos on Blonde fucked by blacks Internet featuring hunky black men fucking white women, especially blondes, in all sorts of ways.

Hell, I went to a porn site once and watched a large black man sodomizing a skinny blonde woman. The chick's face was contorted in pain, though she tried to smile. Hard to smile with a twelve-inch black dick up your ass. I'd very much like to return the favor and give these well-hung black gentlemen a taste of their own medicine.

I went to the bars, and picked up a sexy black stud named Jason. He was a tall, good-looking man with dark brown skin and pale gray eyes. This sexy man attended a local college and played football. He was a strong guy, too. I saw him with his buddies. He looked real good. I definitely wanted him in my bed, though not the way he wanted.

I brought him to a motel. First, I decided to get him in the mood. I kissed him, and we undressed. Playfully, we wrestled on the bed. His strength was greater than mine but I had better technique. Nevertheless, he pinned me. I looked into Jason's eyes, and smiled. He grinned, then he spread my legs and entered me.

With a swift thrust, he buried his long black dick into my pussy. I gasped. It hurt so much! Jason gripped my hips and thrust into me. He Pretty teen pussy lips me, hard and fast. I groaned and screamed.

He continued to fuck me. It felt kind of good, actually. Half an hour later, we had sated our passion and he lay asleep next to me. That's when I got ready to execute my plan. I tied up Jason's hands and feet. I also placed a gag in his mouth. Then, I grabbed my bottle of lube and lubricated his asshole.

When I was done, I grabbed my strap on dildo and woke him up. Jason woke up, and looked around. He seemed disoriented. I smiled wickedly at him. He looked at me, saw the evil look in my eyes and then noticed the dildo. All of a sudden, the super macho black man looked really scared. He couldn't scream, thanks to the gag in his mouth but began to moan like a little punk. I grinned, spread his ass wide open and held him down.

Slowly, I placed the dildo against his asshole, and pushed. Jason tried to close his butt cheeks but I was too fast.

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