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Disclaimer: This story is in no way intended to infringe on any copyrights, It is a strictly a fan fiction. Bulma opened her eyes a crack and sighed seeing that she really was still on this strange planet. She closed her eyes again and slumped back into her chair after making sure that her gun was still on her belt. A single dragonball sat by her feet; somehow it appeared almost natural next to the odd blue green grass of Namek.

Things had gone from bad to worse since they arrived and being abandoned by Krillen and Gohan had left her in low sprits to say the least. It was hard to believe it had only been a few days since they had landed and yet already provisions were running low, and Bulma had had to fight off several odd creatures that tried to invade the camp. Of course the guys were never around when they were needed, they just came and went as they pleased doing who knows what.

They seemed to be under the impression that all was peachy in Bulma naked on namek world of Bulma. It was a pleasant surprise when her mind suddenly conjured up the ominous shadow of Vegeta approaching her small campsite.

The battle worn sight of him was impressive; a determined single-minded expression was upon his face. Bulma stared at him as he swaggered close to her. Barley a foot apart from him, now she could hear his heavy breathing and smell his masculine scent. Inadvertently she licked her lips. A cruel smile caused Vegeta's lip to curl as he closed what little space was between them. Bulma felt herself go flush at her own imagination.

She vaguely pointed at the dragonball to the left across Bulma naked on namek them. He shook his head and pointed to her legs. Heart pounding Bulma hardly knew how to respond. She had Bulma naked on namek wondered about certain parts of a Sayian anatomy. She suppressed a gulp. How well her subconscious knew her! She did not move fast enough. He was upon her suddenly kissing her violently. Using his teeth and tongue to cause her to submit to his will.

It was all happening so fast, Bulma's head swam with delicious delirium. It was not to last however as his hands closed upon her throat in a threatening position. Clearly too impatient for her consent, his hands tightened cutting off her oxygen supply.

Bulma struggled, suddenly all too Bulma naked on namek that she was not able to wake from this daydream. Her head became cloudy, but she was not about Bulma naked on namek give up. Her hands fumbled at her belt before freeing her gun and clicking off the safety. Color faded from the world and Bulma struggled just to fire off a single shot. Luck was her savior as Vegeta let out a groan Bulma naked on namek collapsing to the ground.

She wondered faintly how long the sleeping dart would last on a Sayian. She attributed her success at downing him sorely to the location of the dart — his crotch. Bulma naked on namek scowled at the unconscious Sayian. Her shock and adrenaline quickly turned to anger. She was bothered by how he had thought he could just take what he wanted like that.

Someone needed to teach him a lesson about women! Looking around though, finding herself on a planet populated by an asexual race — she realized it was up to her. And she had better move fast because this was going to be one unhappy Sayian when he woke.

Quickly she bound his wrists above his head, looping them several times. It would not be enough if he really fought, but she had a few tricks up her sleeve yet. Bulma unbuckled her belt and fed it around his neck making a sort of collar with leash.

She struggled to pull his pants down around his Bulma naked on namek and was surprised to find that he wore nothing underneath. Bulma blushed and tried very hard to keep to the task at hand.

Ever resourceful she unzipped her jacket and wrapped it around his calves and ankles, zipping it tight. Bulma smiled as she positioned her gun in her sports bra where it was clearly exposed. Bulma naked on namek she felt ready. Behold the Bulma who was about to take charge! She knew she had to act while her blood still ran Bulma naked on namek, before she had a chance to remember to be afraid of this Bulma naked on namek. Bulma could not afford to wait for him to wake on his own.

He moaned but would not stir. Bulma looked around her campsite quickly for something to help her, but all she had left was a bottle of water and she could not afford to waste Horny older woman porn. Then her eyes betrayed her, lingering on his exposed genitals. A smirk spread across her face. Squeezing out the very last of her lotion, Bulma slathered her hands before setting to work on the Sayian.

She inspected his inner thigh to make sure Bulma naked on namek the sleep dart had not caused any lasting harm, leaving a small trail of kisses. She was surprised at how quickly he responded to her touch, the poor Bulma naked on namek seemed starved for the attention. Rubbing up and down, and gently applying pressure to a few favored spots, gave Bulma the time to really appreciate the way he was built. She positioned a booted foot on his chest and began to press down with it hard.

It was hard to gauge the expression on Vegeta's face; impossible to tell what he was thinking. Bulma naked on namek seemed to possess some intelligences though as he eventually growled, "What is your name Woman? Bulma smiled and lightened the pressure of her foot. See, that wasn't too hard was it? You know I can break this restraints.

Bulma thought for a moment that she detected a note of amusement in his voice, or was it curiousness? Pretty hard to miss for such little fire Bulma naked on namek, this baby will be seen from orbit. Or perhaps weather or not he wanted too. Bulma couldn't decide which and proceeded as planned. For now, his feelings mattered not. I'm going to have sex with you.

I am going to take you like no woman has ever dared and teach you to respect us so that you never try to Bulma naked on namek to anyone else what you almost did to me. The tides had suddenly turned and for once — The Prince of all Sayians was the prey. That sadistic smile returned to her face again and she squeezed the gun back into its make shift holster. Bulma did not understand why she felt so excited or so aroused. Shouldn't she feel bothered by all this? Yet somehow, she felt stronger than she had ever before with a man.

She pulled tight on his leash, causing him to gasp for air. Bulma naked on namek leaned down and once again began massaging his cock. She wanted to make sure it was at full mast before she set sail. The flicker of a tongue was the test, finding it quite responsive. Her eyes traced up to Vegeta's face and smirked when she saw he was trying to hold in all sounds.

She knotted up her shirt before wadding it up into Vegeta's mouth as a gag. Bulma ripped off her panties from under her skirt and took out her hair band. She folded the hair band several times before tying it tight around the base of his Bulma naked on namek as a cock ring. In one fluid motion she placed herself directly above the head of his penis. She let the moistness of her womanhood just barely brush against it. Bulma naked on namek was sure that her heat could be felt by his sensitive aroused flesh.

Taking in Bulma naked on namek deep breath, Bulma suddenly rammed herself hard onto him. She used powerful thrusts to find the special nerve cluster within herself. He was thick and hard to maneuver at first, but soon she won over. She used him just like a dildo, with out any regards for his own pleasure while greedily seeking her own. Bulma rolled her hips in a circular motion so that his cock hit all the right places. She took her time, moving back and forth over her inner nub.

Again and again until Bulma felt like her very skin was on fire. Finally reaching her peak, Bulma let the wild shivers of her orgasm ripple Bulma naked on namek her. Her moan was long and guttural; she had never heard herself make a sound quite like it before. Something about this was awakening a very primal part of herself that she had never reached before.

Quickly, leaking her clear white cum — Bulma stood up and wiped some of the liquid onto her finger.

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