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This is a shotacon yaoi, meaning it may soon contain sex that never actually happened between underage boys of varying ages below 18 in a fictitious world. I would also like to point out that I dedicate this story to dbzfanGoten, probably my favorite writer of dbz fanfiction.

Written by: Tanuki-san. She thought Goten was a little cutie, but he reminded her of Goku too much, so she had to make her escape. She sat the boys down on the living room couch and turned on the television in order to get them entertained.

They said goodbye and continued watching the television show for about an hour. Goten sat there while Trunks spent more time watching his friend than the tv. He admired his face, his nose, his lips. The eight year old lavender haired boy was staring at him, what was he looking at? Trunks was fine with it, since he was Dragon ball pan and videl naked sex while he did it. His button nose had a little dirt on it, and he did in fact smell funny. They both reeked of dirty water.

So not only that, but Goten seemed to have no sense of shame. He did this sometimes when they got ready for a bath, but Trunks always happened to not be in the room when he did this. It had a little more baby fat since they took a break from fighting. This brought out his adorable butt cheeks even more. Dragon ball pan and videl naked sex admired his view, even catching a glimpse of his little scrotum when he bent over to pick up his clothes.

The little raven haired Demi-Saiyan turned look at him. Trunks nearly melted. Trunks smiled back, though his face was red. Once Goten was out of sight, Trunks stuck his hand in his slightly damp shorts. He was hard as a rock. He began to feel his boyhood up and down in his shorts. He leaned back in his seat, quietly moaning into his hand as he invaded his shorts. Trunks let out a louder moan, and he turned blood red all over.

What if Goten heard him? He examined the head of his hard member. It was oozing precum, he took a finger of the fluid and smelt it. He thought it smelt weird, so he wiped it on his shorts. He then placed his boner snugly into his shorts. Trunks slid off of the now dampened leather couch and proceeded to walk to the laundry room to find a still naked Goten, with laundry detergent splashed all over his naked body.

Trunks giggled. Trunks facepalmed his effort to get level with the joke. He then proceeded to grab a large towel and hand it to Goten.

Trunks smiled and laughed with his naked friend until they got to the bath, then only Goten appeared blissful. Now he had to take off his only form of protection and bathe with the cute little boy who had been his best friend since near birth. Trunks gave Goten a mean glare, but he actually enjoyed the feeling.

This Blonde tight panties pussy Trunks off guard. The skin to skin contact caused Trunks to grow red while his boyhood grew until the uncircumcised tip poked out a little.

Goten felt it, Dragon ball pan and videl naked sex ignored it, as he began to tear up in the embrace. Trunks heard sniffling and spoke up. Sorry sorry. Trunks patted his hair and whispered that it was okay. Trunks was shocked. This kid can spar with him Dragon ball pan and videl naked sex the nude, but one kiss and he changes skin tone? He gave his friend a little peck on the cheek. Goten attempted to fight, but he soon gave in to the kiss.

The little kiss soon turned into mouth violation, as Trunks used his tongue to explore his friends mouth, Goten attempted the same. Their tongues interlocked and they tasted each other. When the Kia finally broke, Both Trunks and Goten were a shade of crimson. Trunks decided it was his duty to make Goten feel as good as he wanted him to. Goten struggled to maintain balance as he was rubbed.

He supported himself on the wall, as he squealed and moaned with pleasure. Dragon ball pan and videl naked sex wanted Goten to feel this good as long as he could. He gripped the wall behind him, as he came closer and closer. The eight year old licked it, enjoying it. As Trunks cleaned his arm, Goten squirted more and more onto the bath floor.

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