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It's written by my Hubby and it represents the start of a new chapter in our lives: 9AM: Today my wife is going to her office. After the normal greetings, she and Scott will retire to his bedroom where he will undress her and kiss her: First her mouth, then her neck, breasts, belly. By the time Gina my wife naked tongue reaches what will by Xxx of aalia bhat be her very wet pussy she will be moaning and clawing at the sheets.

Scott will eat my wife until her moans get louder and louder, culminating in a screaming, toe-curling orgasm. She tells me she loves to suck his cock because he always gets very excited and starts leaking pre-cum—which she finds delicious. All relationships evolve, including cuckold ones.

Recently, my wife has been intrigued by the idea of being with a lover alone. I kind of like that. Talk to you later. I order a beer, pay for it, and we move to a table in the corner. Just thinking about it makes me tingly inside. It felt more naughty, more like a cheating wife and it really excited me. I really Gina my wife naked that part of it.

He was naked so all we had to focus on was each other. We both wanted it so badly so when he finally put that big dick inside of me it was like…Wow! We were kissing and fucking and moaning until we both came and man did we come!

Then there was no rush so we Gina my wife naked like that for a while, kissing and caressing, his dick still in me—it was great. Then he moved to the side and started gently playing with my pussy getting me worked up again and he fingered me until I had another orgasm. It was great! I definitely want to do it this way again. Having you there keeps it safe. But once a guy proves himself yeah, I kind of like the Gina my wife naked. This was so hot. From now on this is the way I want to do it with him.

You know, there's very little I do just for myself and I want this to be one of those things. Just me having my pussy taken care of by a guy who really knows how to do it. We even talked about it. His dick does it for me like no one else. I think knowing that kind of Gina my wife naked us go at it totally, no holds barred.

And man, we do. We get in and my wife heads to the bedroom. After paying the sitter I follow her in. As she stands in front of me I slowly undress her. And I was fine with that.

I breathe in the scent of her pussy. It smells earthy and musky. The scent of a pussy that has had a workout. She lets out a Alyssa slut wife from oregon moan. I get in the bed and lay on my back and my wife hovers over me and lowers her pussy Gina my wife naked on my waiting mouth. I begin to eat her while reaching up to caress her hard nipples. She moves off of my face down my body and grabs my hard cock.

She strokes it a few times before inserting it inside her already fucked pussy. And getting fucked without my husband being there--I had no idea how hot that would be. Gina my wife naked I want to do it more, especially with Scott but, with other men as I get to know them too.

Oh god, yes, fuck me—just like Scott was doing--that big dick of his getting so deep inside of me. And then I did.

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