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Tits, people! Hayley allegedly took the photo down five minutes later. Friendly neighborhood perv Josh also sent in three screenshots, one of which was NOT of Hayley topless. I Hayley williams nudes pic he was providing proof or something. I sort of skimmed past it. It could have been a death threat for all I know. But people seem to be talking. Real or not, this is pretty awesome for a Hayley williams nudes pic night.

Especially since Hayley is a redhead. NSFW gallery starts here or click through the photos below for the uncensored. Update : Hayley is claiming she got hacked. Also, not a real redhead? So disappointed. This is pretty classless. I suggest taking it down. Like, NOW. I agree. I believe her. So you should cut her some slack and believe that it was an accident, okay? Goodness sakes people…. Wtf has Hayley done to you? Let me think. I mean seriously, drinking a bottle of Haterade then getting on your computer is just NOT a good combo, folks.

Hayley lost Hayley williams nudes pic phone a few days ago. Someone found it, found the picture on it, and posted it to her Twitter which was still signed in on her phone. She found it a few minutes later and took it down. Oh well. Shit happens. And itty bitty tittes are hot. She lost her BlackBerry Again! Right… totally. Its not a stupid question if you actually READ it. Your eyes and brain Hayley williams nudes pic given to you for a reason, it wouldnt kill you to use them.

People should stop caring. And showing them like some classless hooker desperate for attention is… classless. Sorry, get over it maybe? Anyway not nice. Most guys, the lonely desperate pervs who go out of their way to defend this trashy attention-whore stuff like this sound familiar? It was pretty classless of her to post them. Of course people are going to post them after she does. Get over it. Welcome to the internet! One site can take it down, but the other hundreds that posted it will not.

Also, welcome to Hollywood! Respect is a foreign concept. If anything, she got more fans. She can take care of herself. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of. Eu eu memso e a minha gata. Makrina Donch. Kelly Prister. PS amazing is a hideously overrated word, and she is so far from it it;s laughable.

No fire crotch for you. Incorruptible Symbol. All this about nudes. That is not a nude picture. It is topless…get Hayley williams nudes pic right.

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