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Our Sponsor:. While survival rates for breast cancer continue to improve, for some women, recurrence is a devastating reality. Our expert panel explores a topic filled with both challenge and hope. Cancer is a disease of the cells. Cells normally grow in an orderly fashion.

But when they grow uncontrollably, they can form a growth or tumor - a mass of abnormal or cancerous cells. A cancerous growth of cells may be limited to one place.

Or the cancer can spread, invading and destroying the cells of other organs and body parts. This is called Heather pick breast cancer recurrence symptoms cancer. For example, if breast cancer cells invade the liver, the disease in the liver is not called "liver cancer," but "metastasized breast cancer.

What is breast cancer recurrence? It is not a new cancer; it is the same cancer the person Heather pick breast cancer recurrence symptoms had. It can return to its original location or, if it is metastatic, to another location in the body. Recurrence and metastasis are not the same thing. If you've had a local recurrence, when the cancer remains confined to your breast, your prognosis is not necessarily any worse than it was the first time.

If breast cancer does recur or a Heather pick breast cancer recurrence symptoms primary cancer is found, oncologists may be able to approach treatment with the assumption that it's a curable situation.

However, in many circumstances oncologists may have to approach treatment as they Heather pick breast cancer recurrence symptoms a chronic disease; that is, a disease that is not curable but controllable. In either situation, breast cancer recurrence can be successfully treated or managed. This list of questions Heather pick breast cancer recurrence symptoms a good starting point for discussion with your doctor; however, it is not a comprehensive list.

General questions about breast health and breast cancer detection. Even years after the initial treatment, breast cancer can reappear either locally or in other regions of the body. If cancer is detected in the same location as a previous cancer, pathologists can examine some cells from it, compare them Heather pick breast cancer recurrence symptoms samples from the original cancer, and decide if this is a new cancer or a recurrence of the original.

Recurrence means the cancer is not a new cancer; it is the same cancer the person originally had. The original cancer can Lilo and stitch cartoon porn reappear in a new location. Any cancer can spread and invade other organs and body parts. When a woman first has breast cancer, the doctors can look for certain things that increase or decrease the risk of recurrence, such as:.

The symptoms of a local recurrence are somewhat similar to those of breast cancer in general:. However, some of these symptoms can also result from harmless causes. The important thing is to continue your regularly scheduled follow-up appointments with your doctor and to be extra vigilant in performing monthly breast self-exams.

Note that:. About forty percent of cases of recurrence are regional; they have spread to the lymph nodes in one or more of these places:. The basic symptom for this is the presence of hard, round lumps in any of these areas. But again, there are harmless causes for this as well. Be sure to report any concerns to your doctor. In cases of distant or metastatic recurrence, the cancer spreads most often to the bones, brain, liver, or lungs. Naturally, the symptoms depend on the area affected.

You can find a detailed description of them at Breastcancer. Breast cancer recurrence is a chronic disease that has to be managed.

The goal of treatment is control, not necessarily cure. Many people live full, long lives with breast cancer. Thinking of recurrent breast cancer as a chronic disease means understanding that there will be times when it is active, other times when it is not. In short, it means understanding that it is a disease you live with. The key word is "live. We do know that new, very effective treatments are being developed constantly. Treatments for breast cancer recurrence are considered either local targeted at a specific area or systemic affecting the entire body.

Local treatments include surgery and radiation; systemic treatments include chemotherapy drugs that kill the cancer cellshormone therapy drugs that stop or slow the production of the female hormone estrogen [estrogen encourages the growth Heather pick breast cancer recurrence symptoms cancer cells]and immunotherapy drugs that act like our own disease fighting immune system and block substances that encourage the growth of cancer cells. Naturally, the treatment chosen depends on the specifics of the case.

These include not only the nature of the current cancer its location, size, aggressiveness, etc. For example, if the recurrence is completely local within the breast and limited Heather pick breast cancer recurrence symptoms a small lump, and you had a lumpectomy removal of a cancerous lump without radiation originally, then removing the new lump followed by radiation therapy may be all that's needed now. However, if you did have radiation originally, then the treatment would be a mastectomy surgical removal of the Shower house girls nudebecause a single area can't receive radiation therapy twice.

On the other hand, if you had a mastectomy originally, then the treatment would probably be to surgically remove the new cancer, followed by radiation therapy. In either case, these local treatments might be followed by the systemic treatments of chemotherapy or hormone therapy. Treatment for regional recurrence will more likely involve all three forms of treatment: surgery, to remove the affected lymph nodes, followed by radiation and then by chemotherapy.

Generally, treatment for distant or metastatic recurrence concentrates on systemic methods, though radiation may also be used. Tamoxifen was the "first choice" for several decades, but recent studies sugest that the next three on the above list known as aromatase inhibitors are more effective and have fewer side effects for post-menopausal women.

The goal of all these treatments is to prolong life and improve the quality of life with Heather pick breast cancer recurrence symptoms few side effects as possible. We talk about "quality of life" often, but its meaning differs for every individual. Only you can decide what's most important for you. But you should make that decision with the best medical advice possible Heather pick breast cancer recurrence symptoms mind.

For example, if your disease is not very aggressive, and your doctors suggest that it will not be dangerous, you may decide to "take a vacation" from medications or treatment for a while. Under the right circumstances, it's possible to do this for a period of time months or even years.

Of course you must monitor your condition and be ready to reconsider your decision, especially if the disease spreads or becomes painful.

But having a chronic disease does not necessarily mean being on constant medication. The treatment of recurring breast cancer can be complex. It is important to surround yourself with a medical team that can handle all the issues involved with a chronic disease, both emotional and physical. The medical team would normally consist of your primary care physician PCP and Lesbian sex flash games group of specialists, including a:.

You'll need to be able to meet with or at least contact each of these people on a regular, ongoing basis. And each of them needs to be in contact with all the others, so that they can truly work Lord of the flies cartoon nude as a team and give you the care you need.

You may also want a second opinion on some specific matter and will, therefore, want to talk to a second surgeon or medical oncologist or pathologist.

Your PCP should help you coordinate all this. Note that while the "emotional and psychological doctors" are not at the top of the list above, their value on your team should not be minimized. If breast cancer becomes a chronic condition whose symptoms must be constantly monitored and treated as needed, the emotional and psychological symptoms must be included.

Breast cancer recurrence can create fear, anxiety, stress, and depression. It can lead to a sense of uncertainty and lack of control. All this can be as debilitating as the disease's physical symptoms. There are other important issues. For some women, the breasts are an essential source of female self-image.

If you originally had a lumpectomy, but are now facing a mastectomy, you may experience feelings of decreased attractiveness and fear that your partner will abandon you. As someone with recurrent breast cancer, you may, perhaps unconsciously, feel guilty, as if you "did something to make it come back. How do you deal with all these issues? First, you need to find some sort of psychotherapist or counselor you can trust and develop a good relationship with.

Perhaps you've worked with someone in the past. On the other hand, you may want to find a new person who specializes in helping people deal with life threatening situations, chronic illness, and cancer. These up-to-date search results are based on search terms specific to Second Opinion Key Points. If you'd like to send a comment to the producers of the show, please use our contact formor feel free to post a comment on the wall of our Facebook Page.

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