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  1. Cuando va a ver otra tarde de fotos? jajajaja 3 saludos desde españa

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At the start of the series it did look like the woman in jeans was about to be spanked. It is a nice series. Old naked woman spanking is nice to see older people spanking.

This is great to know we are not the only over 60's to enjoy these photos and articles. Keep up the excellent work. You are right Red, I too thought the wrong woman was going to get spanked. I also enjoy seeing mature women spanking mature women. Old naked woman spanking series thanks.

Seeing two women in a spanking scene is interesting, and natural if you think of a woman being the spanker. IF she can spank men, then why not women also? We are in the same age category Old naked woman spanking you are.

I will post more when I find interesting ones. I am glad you like the photos. I have left a comment which was not approved and emailed you to ask for this set of pictures to be given the correct credit. I am asking one more time before I issue a DMCA notice which will result in their removal and the possible removal of your whole blog.

Old naked woman spanking Sarah; I am just back from vacation,arriving late last night. I will be interested in visiting your site, and publicizing the site. I am very happy to know that your site has somewhat older and more full figured women, than the industry norm.

More like the everyday spanker or spankee that might visit my blog. Hi Sarah; As I just replied above, I can understand your annoyance at my non-response, specially that the comment was not published.

My blog attracts quite bit of anonymous spam, so any comment on a post that was at least three days old, is held by blogger and not posted until I review it. This is useful, as I only look back a few days for comments, and thus the older posts could and were being spammed. As I was away, I had no access to check for postings, as I usually use a public library, or a terminal in a internet cafe.

Both places are unsuitable for looking at my spanking related emails. Old naked woman spanking, my apologies! You will now see a large link, and I will post in a week about your site.

Glad we live on opposite sides of the pond, so that I am not spanked by you when in an annoyed mood. Hi Red, Thanks Old naked woman spanking changing the link. Please accept my apologies - I often update my blog in advance whilst away so should have realised that that was why my comment seemed to be ignored. If you want to take a look at the site and want to do a review, then let me know by email and I will arrange for you to have a pass.

Hi Sarah: thanks for accepting my apology. I will take you up on Old naked woman spanking offer, but please make certain any request is from my email red. Others may see this and try a almost similar email address, just to fool you. Bottoms up red. Post a Comment. I will post a link and a review to this site in the next day or two.

It just looked erotically entertaining, to try and make a little story to go along with the pictures. Someone did: thanks anonymous You say you have been reading Hermione's and Ronnie's blogs, and you would like to be spanked.

However, your husband has refused, so you have come to me hoping that the humiliation of being spanked by a stranger, and the pictures, will convince him that he has a duty to spank you whenever you misbehave, or whenever you ask to be spanked Posted by Red. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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