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Hi… This is just something that kind of came up when I read a review on a Tadamu story. About how he could get drunk and have it be videotaped. I felt like acting on it, because I'm tired of that stupid story I was writing on robin and Starfire. My computer lost the next 6 chapters. Yes, 6. Our internet had broke down for a very long time.

So yeah… I'll try and make a chapter when I feel like it. Amu shifted nervously as she sat in Shugo chara amu and tadase kiss with Tadase. The calm, yet awkward silence made her nervous. He sensed this and stood sadly. She snapped out of her trance and nodded as he left her room with his usual flowing, gentle strides. Yoru's ears perked up as he heard footsteps. He pushed the bottle of so-called 'water' to the front of the fridge and then flew back Shugo chara amu and tadase kiss hid behind a milk carton.

The door opened and he saw a hand reach for the bottle and grab it. He knew from the scent that the target had taken the bait. He put the bottle down for a moment as it tingled in his mouth. He licked the roof of his mouth, enjoying its taste. He chugged the rest of the bottle and put it down, rubbing his mouth with a napkin and then threw it away.

He stumbled as he took a few steps forwards. Shugo chara amu and tadase kiss felt strange. A Shugo chara amu and tadase kiss kind of strange. Feelings of freedom and euphoria ran through his body. He looked up the stairs and had one coherent thought in his mind.

Amu's family were gone until Sunday. It was Friday. His soaring mind began to think of numerous ways he could have her, his sick mind turning over and over. He crawled up the stairs, absolutely prepared to seduce his soon-to-be-girlfriend.

Kiseki's eyes widened as he remembered the last time Tadase had gotten drunk. Kiseki shook his head, ridding himself of the memory when the door was opened and Amu turned. He said nothing as he closed the door behind him, slowly stepping towards her. Soon he Shugo chara amu and tadase kiss before her. She blinked at him in confusion.

She blushed as he crawled over her, and leaned his mouth close to her ear. He nibbled on the nape of her neck and she gasped at the attention. He pulled away from her Shugo chara amu and tadase kiss and began to undo her zippered shirt with his teeth and she blushed at this gesture, which was making heat rise in between her thighs. He finished her shirt with his hand, bringing his mouth up to hers, pressing his lips against her hot, open mouth in a sexy, passionate, and heated kiss.

He pulled away and her eyes widened as Shugo chara amu and tadase kiss reached behind her, undoing her bra. He pulled it off of her and she blushed as he stared at her round, plump breasts. He leaned down and sucked on one of her nipples seductively and she gasped at this wonderful feeling. His other hand reached under her shorts and underwear, and he began to finger her vulva. She gasped loudly at this new sensation and he began to press heated kisses down her body.

He pulled her shorts and underwear off, tossing them to the side, leaning back on his heels to admire her gorgeous body. She blushed bright red as he rubbed her thigh gently as he leaned down, pressing his mouth to Shugo chara amu and tadase kiss vagina, and gently slipping his tongue inside her, swirling it around inside of her. She took in a sharp breath and let out a small gasp every time he would flick his tongue. Her gasps of shock and pleasure suddenly turned into moans of desire.

At the sound of his name he pulled back, undoing the zipper of his pants. He pulled them off, along with his boxers and went Cum down that bitch throat onto the bed and she blushed beet Nude chubby mature videos as she saw him naked. She was embarrassed, she could admit, but she also couldn't deny that she was enjoying the view….

Tadase crawled up to her face and kissed her lips softly, being gentle for the first time in the past while. He pulled back, and looked her in the eye, and she noticed the slight haziness in them. You would be grounded and I would get killed. But… I need you somehow. Please, Amu-chan…". His voice became deep and husky, wavering slightly in his need for her.

She shivered Shugo chara amu and tadase kiss he sucked on her neck gently and she rubbed his arm in reply. He looked up at her, gently brushing her hair back, staring into her honey-lemon eyes as she gazed into his rosy-pink eyes. She swallowed the lump in her throat, getting her voice back from where it seemed to Shugo chara amu and tadase kiss stuck.

He closed his eyes and leaned down to her ear and began to nibble on it softly, causing her to moan. He pulled back and gently whispered to her. He smiled mischievously and laid down on the bed as she crawled over him.

He reached up to her breasts and ran his thumbs across them gently and she smiled, closing her eyes as she reveled in the sensation. He sounded slightly impatient and she opened her eyes, surprised that part of his kingly character was coming out. She smiled at him seductively and ran her hands down Shugo chara amu and tadase kiss body. She obeyed his wish and began to suck on him even faster. She enjoyed hearing his moans of pleasure and him calling her name, his voice washed over with desire.

She pulled her mouth from him and licked his tip and he shivered as he leaked a little. She smirked and continued to flick her tongue on his tip and he groaned and eventually couldn't hold back any longer and exploded all over her.

He breathed in heavily as Amu crawled back on top of him and he opened is eyes as she finished licking his juices off of her face. He blushed slightly at what he had just done. She kissed him passionately and he closed his eyes, kissing her back, reaching his tongue into her mouth greedily, her taste mixed Shugo chara amu and tadase kiss him was so wonderful…. She pulled away and he whined as she smirked. She went back down to his erect member and positioned herself over him.

Before she Shugo chara amu and tadase kiss do anything, Tadase had sat up and hugged her quickly. His eyes sparkled and he kissed her gently, pulling away and lying back down on the bed, full of joy that he had finally heard her say that he loved her. She positioned herself over him again and lowered, clenching her teeth and a sharp pain filled her. Tadase's eyes rolled into the back of his head in pleasure, the feeling of her tight walls around him was almost too much for him to handle.

He lay his head back down, and gasped as she went up and down on him slowly; her movements were unsure and slightly awkward, but he Sexy redneck girls nude absolutely wonderful. She began to pick up her pace on him, and he caught on to her rhythm. Every now and then he would press his hips up when she would come down, and she would moan just as much as him.

Her pace became faster, harder. He shivered in pleasure as she worked on him. She went faster every time he told her to, every time he moaned her name. She felt her peak beginning to come and She screamed as she stopped, and he felt her walls tighten around him, and he knew that he was going to come as well.

He screamed as he pulled himself out of her and moved down underneath her, shooting all over her blankets, completely missing her. He felt a pain around his penis and he whimpered slightly, but then his eyes shot open and he sat up in shock as he felt something press up against his dick.

He saw Amu kissing him lightly, and blushed as he came face-to-face, or rather, face-to-ass with her butt. She let out a small noise that he took as a yes and he shrugged, and began to lick her vulva softly, lovingly. They both felt a peak coming again, and she put her mouth around his dick as he exploded once more, and he felt her come all over his face. He lay down and she crawled off of him after swallowing everything he had let out.

He licked her juices off of his face and smiled softly; he had just made love to the girl of his dreams…. He opened his eyes and turned to her as she lay down on the bed. He put his arms around her, and she put her arms around him as well, moving in close to his warm body.

His thin but strong arms rubbed her back gently and she smiled at his gesture. She nodded and he held her tighter and they both fell into a deep sleep as the moon poured into the room from the window….

Amu was waiting at the curb for the walk light to come on, still feeling overly happy at what had happened over the weekend. She turned and smiled, a light blush coming onto her cheeks as Tadase ran up to her, taking her hand and kissing her, right there, in front of everyone.

The two heard many phones clicking, and cameras blinking, but they didn't care. They were in love. That was what mattered.

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