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Barbara felt the vines wrap around her arms and lift her off the ground, dangling her helplessly. Poison Ivy tugged of her utility belt and tossed it away. Barbara was breathing heavily as her eyes wondered over the tight green costume of Poison Ivy, and taking in her perfect unbroken skin. Barbara tried to Milf isabella rossa porn but found that when Ivy broke off the kiss, her entire being simply longed for more.

Ivy's green costume landed in a heap at her feet. Barbara gulped. The vines retracted and Barbara Batgirl sex poison ivy on her feet once again. She Batgirl sex poison ivy her body to get ready to fight but instead found herself stripping to her underwear. This is when it finally sunk in to Barbara, she couldn't resist, and more importantly, none of her wanted to.

She kept the mask on, but the rest of the grey costume was discarded enthusiastically revealing a black sports bra and panties. Ivy licked her lips. Barbara could smell the aroma of plant-life Batgirl sex poison ivy Ivy's body and in her long flowing hair that was the same shade of orange as Barbara's. Ivy's controlling hands landed on Batgirl's firm breasts.

She smiled as she played with them. She would squeeze them gently, then lightly tweak the nipples before stroking the breasts then repeating the process. Each time she managed to evoke a high wail of satisfaction for the budding super heroine. Batgirl pushed Ivy away and the villain fell onto the ground. She looked shocked but it quickly changed back to a grin when Batgirl straddled her. The feisty redheaded crime-fighter ripped off Poison Ivy's bra and slid off her knickers.

Ivy became lost in a haze of sweat and moans as Batgirl fingered her. Her young fingers pumped in and out of Ivy's nude pussy. Batgirl was still very much in Ivy's power but she was taking the initiative nonetheless.

Ivy allowed Batgirl to feel the power for only a few moments before she caught Barbara's hand and lifted it up. Ivy's hand slid into Barbara's knickers and rubbed at her clit softly but forcefully.

Batgirl collapsed backwards and Ivy pulled herself on top. Ivy pinched the sides of Batgirl's underwear and yanked them off. Barbara felt Batgirl sex poison ivy perfect lips on Batgirl sex poison ivy vagina. Batgirl sex poison ivy red tongue darted across Batgirl's pussy, licking and rubbing. Barbara would have reached out and groped Ivy but the vines were back, pinning her down to the ground while Ivy worked.

The vines didn't stop her throat letting out moans and groans and wails though. Each one brought a bigger smirk to Ivy's mischievous face. Her soft teasing hands rubbed lightly at Batgirl's inner thighs, increasing the waves of pleasure soaring through Barbara's body. What came next, was a lot of writhing. The vines retracted, and both girls went at each other with renewed vigour. Ivy's hands were all over Barbara's Batgirl sex poison ivy body.

They were travelling over her arms and legs, lightly slapping her ass, rubbing her shoulders, getting tangled in her ginger Batgirl sex poison ivy, roughly groping her firm boobs, or fingering her tight pussy. All Barbara could do was writhe. Her youthful form was putty in Poison Ivy's hands, but Batgirl's hands were having some fun too.

A tug on Ivy's crimson hair here, and a tug on her bouncy tits there, with the occasional squeeze of her ass was enough to keep Batgirl happy. Their sweat-covered bodies rubbed on and pressed Amateur perfect body nude selfie against each other's, as they rolled around on the floor making sweet love.

They both experienced several orgasms but it wasn't until Ivy's third Batgirl sex poison ivy Barbara's fourth that the eruptions coincided concluding their sex. Now all that was left was for Barbara to Naked girl selfie cum her clothes on, leave an anonymous tip for the police to Ivy's location. She wasn't sure at what point Ivy's control over her had broken but she was pretty sure it was before they'd finished making love.

Despite the bat-rope binding her hands together, Poison Ivy smiled Story Story Writer Forum Community. Comics Batman. A collection of one shot stories featuring Batgirl s. As with the Young Justice collection, I will upload one new one for each old one.

Batgirl and Batman 2. Batgirl and Poison Ivy 3. Batgirl and Robin 4. Barbara and Batman 5. Barbara and Robin 6. Steph and Jason 7. Babs and Dick 8.

Barbara and Chase 9. Steph and Tim Steph and Damian Batgirl and Dick Barbara and Bruce Batgirl and Spiderman Cassandra and Connor Batgirl and Catwoman Batgirl and Harley Quinn Barbara and Dick and Jason Batgirl and Riddler Stephanie and Tim Care Batgirl sex poison ivy Batgirl and Daredevil Steph and Tim again Steph and Red Hood Idiot The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

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