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You will be redirected to a new website with the application. If you wish to continue, click the button below. Ozark Christian College recently received a donation from the Arvest Foundation. Jason has also taught at numerous camps, conventions, and conferences around the country.

Jason will begin teaching at OCC in the fall of A professional drummer from Japan, Yuuki organizes concerts to share the gospel at his Osaka restaurant gigs. To date, Yuuki has played a part in leading seven other Japanese men to Christ. He has preached a few times at his church, and he leads apologetics classes where he vigorously defends the Fucking mom kitchiken komik. When Yuuki first came to the church in Osaka, he was an atheist with several hard questions.

The thing that pushed him over the edge in following Jesus? Grace, Yuuki says, most baffled his logical mind and made him believe that this message must have come from God and not men.

The baffling message of grace turns atheists into evangelists. The baffling message of grace changes professional drummers into faith defenders. Jay was baptized at just eight years old, and inhe headed to Ozark for college. But by the end of my first year, I was done with video games, and I was spending all my time learning.

The gospel made me repent. The rigor of OCC forced me to grow up. The whole environment at Ozark made me a serious learner of the Bible. After graduating inthe couple attended Japanese school for 18 months in Okazaki, Japan. Jay also serves in leadership with Mustard Seed Network, an organization that seeks to glorify God by making disciples through planting gospel-centered churches in urban Japan. Our character or kind deeds are not the power unto salvation.

Our acts of service, morality, winsomeness, or cleverness are not the power unto salvation. Faith comes by hearing the message of what Jesus has done Rom Therefore, our ministry is filled with sharing the gospel with as many people as we possibly can. Each of these Vixen vintage erotica forums churches will become ministry hubs to catalyze further church planting in their regions. It was the gospel that made Jay repent in his student days.

Only the gospel is the power unto salvation, and only the gospel—that baffling message of grace proclaimed from gospel-centered churches—can change unreached, urban Japan. To partner with Mustard Seed Network as they plant 12 churches in 12 cities, visit mustardseed.

Read the entire issue here. You just do it because you love Jesus. So feeding nine children was not easy. But no excuses. So I found other students.

As John 15 says, Bride fucked hard at wedding want to be a productive branch for the Lord. Luckner hoped to attend Ozark also, though the Free lonely wives in mazatenango would be a challenge. Free lonely wives in mazatenango he only makes minimum wage, he sends much of it to his family back in Haiti.

The language barrier was a challenge. Luckner had to improve his English and decipher American expressions. He laughs at one example. Luckner worked hard, and his English is now outstanding. Ozark has been amazing. The needs in Haiti—physical, emotional, educational, financial, spiritual—are so great it can Free lonely wives in mazatenango overwhelming.

Luckner is already building a team. He recruited his cousin Vladimir Louis-Jeune, a medical doctor, and his friend Sadrac Bathard, a counseling major, to come from Haiti to Ozark. Both men are current OCC students, getting the biblical foundation to serve their Free lonely wives in mazatenango. Most of all, Luckner is trusting in the Lord. Not a bad recipe to make a difference. But Luckner and international students like him can only provide two of those ingredients.

I have seen the return on this investment. The recipe works. These men and Free lonely wives in mazatenango come with lots of prayer and no excuses. Would you supply the final ingredient needed for their kingdom success? Please pray for Vladimir, Sadrac and all our international students. Ask God to meet their needs, deepen their knowledge, sharpen their skills, and strengthen their faith!

OCC is excited to join the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, a higher education association of more than institutions whose missions are Christ-centered and rooted in the historic Christian faith. Interested in singing "Deliverance" in your church or youth group?

Download the song, chord charts, accompaniment track, and more for free from Frontline's resource page. Many of you had the privilege of knowing Jace—as a student, classmate, Strong Hall brother, or friend—and you will remember his big smile, loud laugh, and huge heart for Jesus and teenagers.

He was a youth ministry major and a local Young Life volunteer. Jace had just finished his freshman year at Ozark Free lonely wives in mazatenango loved his experience here. My first year of college was a dream! If I'm being honest I was doubtful about God placing me at Ozark.

But after classes started and I met these people God met me in a new way. I know that many of you who knew Jace personally will feel his loss deeply, and we want to encourage you to talk about your grief with a trusted counselor. We here at OCC are praying for you and are available, and we encourage you to seek out someone with whom you can talk and pray.

Second, your prayers are needed. Free lonely wives in mazatenango assured them that hundreds of Ozark folks would be lifting them up.

Please pray for the other CIY interns in the accident—Brandon, Katie, Andie, and Tyler—as their minds and hearts will need healing along with their bodies in the weeks ahead. Third, while we grieve, we do not grieve as those who have no hope 1 Thess It is certainly right and healthy for us to grieve.

Death is not our friend, and there is no shame or lack of faith in tears of sorrow at times like this. Even Jesus wept at the grave of his friend Lazarus. But the powerful promise of the gospel is this: we have in Jesus Christ the firm and wondrous hope of heaven. A day is coming when we shall see our brother Jace in a place where there is no more death or mourning or crying or pain, Free lonely wives in mazatenango place where God makes all things new.

That is the hope we hold on to and the gospel we are preparing men and women to proclaim. As we learn details about memorial services for Jace, we will be sure to communicate those to the Ozark family, and when the fall semester begins, we will have a time of remembrance together in chapel.

Right here in America, each subculture has its own way of talking. What would you like? This kind of conversation drives New Jersians crazy.

I want some juice. Whether across the world or just across a few state lines, you have to learn the local language to communicate Christ. Missions professors call this cultural agility: the ability to understand and connect with people in different cultural contexts.

The apostle Tight wet shirt girl had cultural agility. As a missionary, he studied a people group, learned their vocabulary, then packaged the unfamiliar gospel in familiar terms they could understand. In Acts 17, preaching to pagan Athenian philosophers, Paul quotes the pagan poets Epimenides and Aratus and echoes the pagan orator Seneca, all to communicate biblical truth.

Jesus had cultural agility. The ultimate missionary, Jesus traveled from heaven to earth, followed the local Galilean customs, ate local foods, wore local clothes, spoke the local dialect, and told familiar stories of everyday Palestinian village life. Though he was from an entirely different place, Jesus connected so deeply with the human experience—specifically, the first century Jewish experience—that they thought he was one of their own.

I arrived at the church early Sunday and asked if we could talk through the morning service. Using that word for an everyday conversation could accidentally sound disrespectful. A small thing, he said, but he wanted to be considerate Free lonely wives in mazatenango the people he was trying to reach.

When it comes to cultural agility, I have Free lonely wives in mazatenango lot to learn.

Our students have a lot to learn as well. Over thirty years ago, our trustee board funded the International Student Grant, providing financial support for international students to study at OCC. About seven years ago, we made plans to welcome, not just international students, but more U. We created a Diversity Department and set up scholarships Free lonely wives in mazatenango did for ethnically diverse American students what International Student Grants did for students from other countries.

God desires a people from every ethnic group Matt

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