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First of all, I like reading your thoughts, because you're objective and the different points of views are always interesting. Concerning Teens with wall mounted dildos androgyny once again used for an ed, I'm very divided.

I mean, I would like to see more Freja's fiminity but yes androgyny is becoming her trade mark and I think that it is what will give her more work, and will make people remember her.

There's not much other girls like her in the fashion industry right now, I will even say that she's alone. But I'm sure that we will get to see Freja's feminity again, maybe not as much as we would like to but still.

And about that ed, like you've said,we will see her as a simple human person 'without Freja beha erichsen naked and judgment'.

We will see the Real Freja, and the real her doesn't have to hide what she is, androgynous. CAn't wait. I love the way you battle out your opinions, it makes for a very interesting read. About the nudity, I recently read some comments on the previous Purple editorial by Terry Richardson, where people were calling it perverted and pornographic, whereas when I saw it, that thought never entered my mind.

I would love to see more feminine work for Freja aswell, it suits her, but like you say, androgynous work is better than no work. I do believe that this is the closest "confirmation" we've had on her sexuality. Idk why now though?

Will there be some type of interview in the mag? Either way I'm excited for this ed I think it's a good move. Gosh, I love your blog.

Regarding the sexuality, I'm not sure Thanks for all the comments and thoughts everyone. I love reading what you all have to say, and I'm impressed that you all can read through my ramblings. I've been wrong before though J: Perhaps. But those were only proofs so what we actually see in the issue could be different. They could always change the wording, or leave that part out. I love your blog : Not only do you keep us all up to date, but you also include your own thoughts, ideas and opinions which are always refreshing and nice to read Well technically Very young girls non nude teen models DID only say "your sexuality" which is a very general Freja beha erichsen naked and does not necessarily have to mean "sexual orientation" so it might not be Freja beha erichsen naked we think it is Do you, by any chance, happen to know when the "Purple Naked" editorial will come out?

It really does make her more interesting and genuine as you say. And sorry, but I don't know when exactly it will come out. It's bi-annual, so perhaps around the same time as fashion week? This wouldn't be the closest "confirmation" we have of Freja's sexuality.

She did an audio interview with James Kaliardos for V Magazine in and she was very open. She even talkedabout her "lover" and made lesbian jokes with James. I don't think that Freja's androgyny is anything to be ashamed of. It is clearly a part of who she is and my favorite photos of Freja are always the ones that are true to her spirit, her identity, her personality, her character, her beauty.

I don't think her androgyny is an impediment. Not at all. It Freja beha erichsen naked all inference and subtext. Yeah, it's obvious to us, but no one actually, officially confirmed anything in the interview.

This is different because there is a direct mention of sexuality. But even then it doesn't outright state what Freja's sexuality is And I'm not ashamed Freja beha erichsen naked her androgyny--more like tired of it.

I think she's more than that and only recently has she been limited as such. At the start of her career she was far from it and that's the model I fell for so I'll just always have an affinity for Freja beha erichsen naked. Post a Comment. Saturday, December 26, Naked Purple. We have something to Freja beha erichsen naked forward to in the new year.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. About This is a blog dedicated to the amazingly beautiful and mysterious Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen, with whom I have no personal connection. I am merely an admirer and here you will find my opinionsthoughts and long Freja beha erichsen naked in addition to any news and updates about Freja that may occur.

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