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Ginger Lynn : Um…does Mature nude couples on beach shit stink.

GL : My father. His father, too. And my namesake — my great-grandmother, whose nick name was Ginger, not because of her rad hear, but because of she was feisty.

Example: my great-grandparents husband swamped! They just got tired of this husbands and swamped them out. So, my smartassiness is hereditary and genetic. GL : The men did. They initiated that. Not the women. It was out there, but it was really expensive for consumers to buy a VCR.

So everything was still shot on film. Maybe your girl on the corner. My Ginger lynn anal sex is that I have a pre-disposition to go again the norm…as did my father, my grandfather…my great-grandfather. GL : First movie I was cast in was Surrender in Paradise shot in conjunction with a little bit of hanky-panky. I agreed to do these films having never fucked in front of a camera before.

I signed the contract, made the deal, and then got scared! No sound. It will only be seen in. I walked on to the set in an apartment in Santa Monica, vomited in my mouth — then swallowed it — in order to maintain some sort of professionalism. But then, I realized if I could fuck this fat, smelly, hairy, old disgusting man I could fuck anybody.

I finished the scene, saw Tommy Byron walk in — in all his scrawny, skinny glory — and knew Ginger lynn anal sex was at home. Ginger lynn anal sex have pictures of me, at my senior prom, in the dress…and then later, in that same dress, having my first orgasm on camera. It was a pleasure. Dialogue, on the other hand, was a whole different story.

After completing my first official sex scene on camera, I was asked to jog along a dirt path while Jerry Butler rode along side me, yelling Ginger lynn anal sex. I was supposed to respond to it, and if laughter was the correct response, I would have been doing my job. We did this for four hours. We finally shut down the set. Later that night Jerry Butler came to my condo and asked me a bunch pf personal questions: my family, what it was like growing up in Illinois, that sort of thing.

I thought we were having a moment, until Jerry threw me down on the bed, began to rip my clothes off, and began to disgrace my family…everything he asked me he turned into something ugly. I fought back. He stood up backed away. GL : Jerry and I fall in lust. He asked me to marry him. He carves our name in a tree. The next day he tells me the make-up artist, who hates me, wants to habe a three way. Jerry told me you wanted the three way…and you hated me! If I rented a Ginger lynn anal sex and he was in it, I just hit FF.

We all three go back to my condo, we tie Jerry to the bed, and the make0up artist Ginger lynn anal sex I make love in front him…and then we leave to have dinner. We left Jerry there, and no one found him til the next day. She and I became best friends…and Jerry and I broke up.

I agreed to fuck John and was very excited. Amber comes in to the closet. Puts him in the closet, tells Amber and I to get on our knees, then she gets on her knees, and the three us of sucked him off til he came. But I lie…cause now the cock we all sucked was going to have to go into my tiny little pussy. Bigger than my arm. Ginger lynn anal sex gonna fit. I mention this to the director, who has a brain storm. John had a rep for not being able to get it all the way hard.

And, according to Laura Holmes, her and I were the only two girls to ever get him fully hard. GL : Move to California from Illinois. Loser boyfriend with a big car payment followed. I ran out. The party followed me out and they beat Ginger lynn anal sex my boyfriend.

I modeled for three months before I went to that apartment in Santa Monica. Ginger lynn anal sex : I loved working with Peter North. Now, do you want me to tell you how I really feel? I was the first girl who ever licked her pussy, and I put Rachel Perry Cosmetics on the map.

GL : To hell. And back again. Nice interview Billy my boy!! Very nice interview. Spanked it to her so many times. When you were sitting there did you have flashbacks? I loved the history, I loved the stories and Jesus, she has filled out perfectly. A fine woman ages like a good wine and Miss Lynn is better than any cabernet that France has ever produced. This old bitch is just tired looking…but I gotta Ginger lynn anal sex I would Ginger lynn anal sex bend her over once or twice.

Everybody needs to get back to fucking reality! Granted she never was the hottest porn star in her prime but damn stop the hating! She said a lot of things which put her down as the wounded party but despite the favorable reviews, the book met with criticism from adult film industry insiders, some of whom accused Lords of lying. Co-workers from that time such as Ron Jeremy, Ginger Lynn and Tom Byron said they never saw her use drugs and insisted she was always fully aware of her actions.

The reason she hates Traci Lords is because Traci lied and said she was older than she really was when she started doing porn. In reality she did every movie, every seen except one as a minor and almost brought the porn industry down. When she was discovered to have been underage, which Ginger has said numerous times she Ginger lynn anal sex Traci turned herself in, she testified that she was forced to do porn the whole time, forced to do drugs during every movie.

Its funny as the only legal age Traci Lords movie was produced by Traci herself so after reaching a point of being one of the most popular porn stars of the time, as a minor, she made sure no one but her can make money from her movies by doing only that one at Ginger at the time was one of her best friends and Ginger lynn anal sex Traci lied about how it happened.

When the investigation was concluded Ginger, and many others, were almost charged as a sex offenders and Ginger was charged with tax evasion. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ISP : You are a smart ass, but I love it. Where does that come from? ISP : The Mormons did a whole lot of that. ISP : Your first dirty movie? ISP : This rules. I love the history of this biz.

ISP : So what happens with you and Jerry after? ISP : How did one get into the porno game back in the day? Just react. Peter North is the first. ISP : Tom Byron. GL : He was like my big brother…only we fucked. ISP : Traci Lords. ISP : Christy Canyon. ISP : Nina Hartley.

Overrated in the looks department from day one. Not ugly, but far from hot. I jerk off over her weekly! She is a MILF!! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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