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I am fairly conservative, but not prudish. I really wasn't expecting all Naked beach couples tumblr the nudity exhibited at Couples Resort, Negril. They didn't stay on the so-called nude beach, they were all over the beach and one lovely exhibitionist was in full view and posing for anyone who cared to see throughout our lunch in the open air dining area.

The nude females also walked the length of the beach. There were men who walked along the beach offering Punjabi aunty sex pics hash, pot, whatever you want. That might be someones idea of heaven, but it made me really nervous. The best time I had was when we rented a driver and car for the day and went into Naked beach couples tumblr mountains to Mayfield falls.

It was very pretty. Our guide was a Rastafarian who absolutely reeked of pot, and I am sure hadn't had a bath in ages, but he was entertaining and knowledgeable about the local plants. The scenery on the ride up there and back was beautiful. Our lunch at the falls was also Naked beach couples tumblr local fare. The way I look at it is, been there done that, on to better things. The resort has a nude section on the main beach, fenced off by gardens, The rest of the beach ladies can go topless only.

Around the pool no ladies can go Naked beach couples tumblr. In the main restaurant for breakfast and lunch both men and women must cover up.

This was our second all-inclusive vacation Naked beach couples tumblr one was 10 years ago Wife fucks boys pic Sandals Ocho Rios and we definitely say CN was hands-down Nude girls beach close- up better resort.

The food was great - we liked that there were so many buffet dinners - lots of variety and it was all delicious! We also enjoyed the Italian dinner at Helicona Grill one night, and one night at their "fancy" restaurant, Otaheite - the food at both was also exceptional. We had a regular gardenview room and it was very clean and quite comfortable. Because of the layout of the room buildings, I don't think it's worth paying the extra for a beach or ocean-view room, we actually could see the ocean from the balcony of our "cheap" room and the beautiful koi ponds surrounding the spa too!

Rachelle, our housekeeper, did a fantastic job keeping our room clean, our floors were always mopped and she decorated our bed with beautiful towel art and flower petals the night of our vow renewal - it was wonderful!

The front desk staff even "saved us" from leaving the resort too early by informing us our return flight was delayed so we could enjoy the delay time poolside instead of at the MB airport!

The people from other resorts that were on our flight were super jealous when they found out! And of course all the drinks were outstanding! Our room was on the second floor of building 4, and I only had the water in the shower go out once during "peak" dinner-prep timebut it came back on after a few seconds - otherwise there were no other incidences.

Overall, I don't know what else a person could want - CN has it Naked beach couples tumblr - you would have to look pretty hard to find a better place to relax and enjoy the beautiful Jamaican countryside than CN. My boyfriend and I stayed at Couples Negril May I was very excited about this place after reading all the great reviews.

Our main goal was to relax, eat, lay out and get some sun. We didn't want to participate in any watersports. Instead, we layed out on floaties in the ocean which was crystal blue and WARM! They called for isolated thunderstorms all week, Bangla saving sex story it was hot and sunny the whole time. The food at the restaurants were okay. I would say above average, but certainly not astounding. We didn't feel like dressing up to go to the fine dining restaturant.

It's so hot and humid in Jamaica, we would have been very uncomfortable in dress clothes! The themed buffets were beautifully displayed, but everything melted in the warm night air! I couldn't help but think the food was catered to American tastes. I wanted to sample authentic Jamaican fare, but sadly, the few items they did offer kalaloo fish, Jamaican spinach, beef patties were disappointing.

But I will say the neesberries Naked beach couples tumblr so tasty, I could eat those all day!!! Our room was as pictured--clean, modern, nice. What you heard about the water pressure in the shower is true! Our water never turned off, but the water pressure was a little low. But no big deal. What did bother me though, was even with the air conditioner on all day, it was still humid in our room, making the Naked beach couples tumblr cold and damp!

Alcohol was plentiful, and they don't skimp on the drinks! Try the hummingbird and ginger beer! They are SO good! The one thing that I didn't understand was, I heard Negril had the whitest sand beaches.

It looked like regular old sand to me Not particularly soft OR white. All in all, we had a great time. Be warned, though! It is hot and humid in Jamaica! You will tan even with SPF 15 on! And make sure to bring bug spray! Once the sun goes down, those invisible suckers come out for dinner--YOU! From the second we arrived, we loved it. Immigration at Montego Bay went quickly, and we were greated with ice cold Red Stripes at the Apple Vacations meeting place! We then took a 45min drive along the shoreline to Couples Negril yes, it is curvy, but it follows the shoreline on the lower part of the mountains.

We were greated at the hotel with cold almond-scented towels. The first memorable thing that we remember was the cab driver telling my husband, who was trying to unload our luggage, "Do you have a Jamacian work permit to do that? That, in one line, explains the excellent service that you receive at Couples Negril.

Our room was an ocean-view room, and it was excellent. We didn't spend much time there because there was so much to do Naked beach couples tumblr the resort. The bed was very comfortable, and the room was always kept clean. Our floor was mopped daily with the bed made in the morning and turned-down at night. If a shirt was laying on a Naked beach couples tumblr, it would be folded if they had been in the room. And, being on the 3rd floor, I'd like to say that we never had a problem with the water pressure.

The service Naked beach couples tumblr top-notch. We were also greeted with a bottle of champagne one evening due to it being our honeymoon, and also received a free couples massage on the beach! We are two 'try-it' people, so we added-in on any activites that we could. We played lots of sand volleyball, pool volleyball and participated in the nightly entertainment The first night there, Trent volunteered me to go on stage twice! But, luckily one of the times it backfired on him because he had to come up with me!

For any of the activities that you participate in, you receive 'Jamaican Coins' plastic money. There are a couple of times a week that an auction is held at night. You use the coins to bid on Cum se face painea items! We came home with a bottle of rum, a weaved purse, and a piggy-bank. Free-bees for having fun. You can't beat that. Anything on the water is highly recommended! Wind surfing was challenging and fun.

Trent's favorite were the hobby-cat sailboats. The snorkeling trip was fun, and highly recommended. We went on the catamaran cruise to Pirate's Cove, where we both jumped off of the cliff. On the trip back to the resort, they have a limbo competition, which I happened to be the winner of and received a bottle of Naked beach couples tumblr Punch for.

Trent volunteered me for that, which I didn't know I could still do! I finished my certification in Naked beach couples tumblr and got to go on my first deep water dive. It was also Trent's first time in 'clear' water since we are from Indiana. At 80 feet deep, the Naked beach couples tumblr was still 80 degrees in March!! No thermocline! We saw stingrays, lobsters, giant crabs 3ft wideoctopus, puffer fish which Trent made puff up by poking itstone Naked beach couples tumblr, Sexy girl jean tight pants leggings, nurse sharks, jelly fish, sea turtles, many types of corals, and much much more On Friday night, we went on a night dive which was really neat.

There were a wider variety of sea creatures out that night. Sugar, our dive leader for most of the week, is awesome! He is really laid back and was very informative. He also is a very patient man since I was a new diver. We can't wait to go down and dive with him again!

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