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Review by Sean Lynch. Does anyone else get the feeling that Spielberg finally decided to get off his bum after 20 years to make a new installment of Indiana Jones only to show the world that National Treasure ISN'T the way adventure movies should be made? But then again - if your stupid enough to fall for the clever trailer tricks of Bruckheimer by this stage This time around, a missing page from the diary of John Wilkes Booth surfaces which implicates Ben's Great-Grandfather as a key conspirator in Abraham Lincoln's death.

In order to prove his ancestor's innocence, Gates follows an international chain of clues which takes him on a chase from Paris to London and ultimately back to the States Lesbians hot ass thong to one of the history's National treasure boob of secerets sought after treasure.

Let's just get this out of the way, National Treasure 2 is pure junk. The jokes fall flat, there is no chemistry what so ever with the cast, the plot is down right ludicrous - and Nicholas Cage's teeth look like they were stolen National treasure boob of secerets the set of The Mask. Even more inexplicable is the all-star cast on offer, with more than a handful of Academy favourites part of the proceedings obviously added to hide the fact the film itself hasn't a skerrig of National treasure boob of secerets. Ed Harris takes it all rather seriously and brings some weight to an otherwise unwritten cliche character, Helen Mirren is admittedly fantastic as Gate's mother, while John Voight does his best-worst Sean Connery impersonation as Gate's father who is still just a treasure hunter at heart, of course.

It's hollow, over formulaic sugar coating of a far superior product - which is exactly why it will make a bundle at the Box Office as will the next sequel and is exactly why it's probably one of the most watchable flicks of the summer. But history has shown us that even the bad no brainers end up living on as 'so-bad-they're-good' Case in Point: Steven Segal's careerso I will happily admit that in spite of every part of my body hating every moment National Treasure 2 is actually quite bad - in a totally good way.

It's not setting out to break any new ground, it's simply out to entertain you and keep Naughty farm girls sex occupied for two hours - and in that regard - National Treasure : Book of Secrets is surprisingly good value for money. The final action piece is good fun - and the set's look pretty damn cool think Goonies meets Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Well worth checking out - because it's not as bad as it actually is if that makes sense. Articles Calculators National treasure boob of secerets Directory Resources. Captain Fantastic. The Light Between Oceans. Ouija: Origin of Evil.

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