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James To Star-Studded Party'. Could Robert Pattinson be Christian Grey? The actor has reignited rumours that he is to star in Sam Taylor Johnson's big screen adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey after reportedly inviting the book's author E. James to a party he was hostingthis Robert pattinson as christian grey. Rob threw a star-studded birthday bash for his friend Nick Jarecki on Saturday June 22 with a host of his closest mates in attendance.

But according to a party-goer there was one reveler on the guest list who attracted some attention- Brit novelist James, who's real name is Erika Mitchell. Trust me, it was the best people. James was there, she was really cool. Dianne Warren, the songwriter was there. Lisa Zane sang a few songs. Warren Beatty was there, chilling with E. I saw some interview earlier and they went, oh, it could never be him.

As well as inviting the hottest names in Hollywood, Rob apparently chose a Great Gatsby theme for his mate's bash, which was held at the actor's Los Feliz home.

Unfortunately for Twihards, there was no sign of Rob's ex Kristen Stewart at the party. It looks KStew has been busy having her own fun without Rob, with the actress showing off a brand new tattoo last week! Source: Robert Pattinson to be Christian Grey. Stop whatever it is you are doing immediately -- because what I'm about to tell you just might knock you right off your chair.

Fifty Shades of Grey author E. James attended Robert Pattinson's party on Saturday night, which probably means she wants him to land the part of Christian Grey Robert pattinson as christian grey the Fifty Shades movie, right? Yep, Rob threw a birthday bash for a pal, and somehow E. Now Twilight fans everywhere are probably freaking out at the idea of the two of them being in the same room because -- DUH -- why else would they associate with each other if he wasn't seriously being considered to play Christian?

Gee, I dunno -- maybe it's because E. Or maybe she's friends with the dude Rob threw the birthday party for in the first place, so he thought he should probably invite her?

Whatever the case, it's not like it was an intimate dinner with a small group of people or anything like that. It was a party, for crying out loud -- and typically parties tend to have lots of people in attendance.

At this particular bash, one of those attendees just happened to be E. James -- and we probably shouldn't make a mountain out of a mole hill and Robert pattinson as christian grey too much into her being there.

But then again, I guess there really is the possibility that the two of them will be working together in some capacity in the near Robert pattinson as christian grey wink, wink -- so maybe jumping to Robert pattinson as christian grey isn't really all that far-fetched? Maybe we shouldn't totally close the door on the idea of Rob being cast as Christian. Stranger things have happened, right? Source: Robert To be Christina 2.

One of these casting tidbits is confirmed, while another continues to be understandably restless speculation. First, for the rumors: according to LOOK this Monday, June 24, Robert Pattinson recently hosted a very popular party for the biggest and best of celeb royalty in LA, and insiders were quick to note that not only was EL James invited, but the inner goddess attended the event and had a few words with R-Patz.

Dianne Warren, the songwriter, was there. James", he added. And is the party with R-Patz simply being taken out of context? Source: Article Three. Robert Pattinson Parties With E. Pattinson recently partied with E. James, the author of the series, who showed up with actress Heather Graham to the weekend soiree. While there were plenty of stars at the bash, James's presence was particularly notable, fueling speculation that Pattinson Horny milfs sex public sewn up the much-coveted role of the bondage fanatic.

The actor would be a fitting choice for the part, considering his tangential connection Robert pattinson as christian grey the steamy series. But considering the film's British pedigree -- James, director Sam Taylor-Johnson, and writer Kelly Marcel all hail from across the pond -- it'd be appropriate for a fellow Brit to win the role, and Pattinson fits that bill. Robert pattinson as christian grey always, this news should be considered only a rumor until official word comes from the filmmakers.

But considering how badly most of Hollywood wants in on the adaptation --director Gus Van Sant reportedly shot test footage in a bid to win the directing job -- we'd say Pattinson's invitation to James shows he's at Robert pattinson as christian grey very least interested. Source: Article Four. Parties With E. James to his recent party.

According to Look magazine, the year-old "Twilight" actor threw a "Great Gatsby"-themed party at his L. Pattinson has always been a fan-favorite to play year-old sexy billionaire and BDSM-crazed Christian Grey in the highly anticipated movie. And now that there is a director, producers can start casting for the roles of Christian, year-old innocent Ana Steele, and other important cast members like Jose Rodriguez, Elena Lincoln, Hot sexy grandma free porn Kate Kavanagh.

James slammed Pattinson [and Kristen Stewart as Ana] back in Augustsaying that she didn't want them to play the roles, but she might have had a change Robert pattinson as christian grey heart.

Hot naked moms big ass boobs added, "I also wrote the book. I'd like to see how he would pull off this role. Source: Article Five. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you think E. James was at Rob's party because she's interested in him getting Christian's role? The poll was created at on June 25,and so far 0 people voted.

Do you think he will be an awesome choice? Other Please state why. The poll was created at on June 29,and so far 9 people voted. Category : Blog posts.

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