The pictures of women applying their make-up, waiting in their rooms and playing with their children offer a rare glimpse into the lives of the sex workers who ply their trade in Asia's largest red light district.

They are the residents of Sonagachi, in the western city of Kolkata, an area swamped with hundreds of multi-storey brothels, housing roughly 14, prostitutes from all over India. It is thought as many as 1, women arrive every year to work in the brothels, and each of them have their own tale of how they came to live in the sprawling red light district.

Scroll down for video. Sex workers: 'Rani' applies lip gloss at her room before attending a customer at the Sonagachi brothel where she works. Thousands: 'Dipali' poses for a photograph at her room. Lifetime: Maya Banarjee, 72, dries her hair after a shower in the Sonagachi brothel. A number of women have lived their lives here. Exhausted: A sex worker sleeps in her small room.

Many of the women have been trafficked, and are forced to work throughout the night. Many are not there out of choice, trafficked into the profession and forced to sleep through the day and work tirelessly through the night. But other women have made a conscious decision to join the trade, the promise of more money being Sonagachi kolkata nude pic good to turn down.

Kolkata in West Bengal is nicknamed the City of Joy and is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in India. But the sprawling streets and nocturnal life of Sonagachi appear to buck the trend. At weekends the red light district buzzes with customers of all ages from a range of different professions.

Choice: 'Santoshi' and 'Sikha' spend time at Santoshi's room. Some of the women working here choose this as a career. Falling down: The ornate railings hint at the wider city's beauty, but the crumbling facades around it suggest extreme poverty. Hard life: 'Jhumur' waits for customers at the brothel, while 'Baisakhi' who claims to be year-old, poses for a photo at her room. Family life: 'Jyoti', 30, feeds lunch to her three Sonagachi kolkata nude pic, who live with her in the brothel - and are by far not the only children in the area.

Owner: Shankar, a room owner, smokes outside his room. The Sonagachi kolkata nude pic of power is more than likely tipped in his favour. Each Sonagachi kolkata nude pic worker has their own story, with some claiming to have found a Sonagachi kolkata nude pic life since arriving in Sonagachi. Prostitute Bina, 30, said: 'I was married to a drunkard for seven years. I was staying with him for the sake of my daughter. Others have used the profession to improve the Xxx cum before after for future generations.

A sex worker known as Das was forced into the city by poverty, but once there, she found a way to ensure things would be different for her own children. She told Al Jazeera : 'Both my children have completed their education and are working now.

Society should first look at itself before condemning us… Did anyone give us a good job? Society has failed people like me. Growing up: Pinki, daughter of a sex worker practices dance steps.

Some people go in to prostitution as the family business. Future: 'Santoshi' at her room. Some women have saved the money they earned in the brothels to pay for their children's education. Together: A sex worker smokes a cigarette while sitting at the balcony of a brothel. The women do have a sex workers union. Sonagachi kolkata nude pic The pictures from and in more recent years show how glamorous 'Sabita', now Sonagachi kolkata nude pic, was during her youth.

Still working: Maya Banarjee, 72, waits for a client at her room in the Sonagachi brothel. She says she is now too old, but won't leave. But it is not always a route out of poverty - especially as others take advantage of the high wage they earn. Others have not been able to leave the place which has become their home.

Maya Banerjee, 72, spent years working as a prostitute but says she is now too old for the sex trade. Sonagachi kolkata nude pic no longer being able to work, Maya chooses to remain in the red light district where she has spent Sonagachi kolkata nude pic of her life. She said: 'A simple fish that costs rupees per kilogram everywhere else is sold at rupees per kilogram here. Influx: 'Baisakhi' and 'Rima' at the Sonagachi brothel. Between and 1, women arrive here to work every year.

Help: 'Barsha', 24, prepares vegetables at her room for 'Kabita', a prostitute turned social worker. Rest: Rani waits in her room, looking far less glamorous than in the previous pictures. Crime: 'Barsha', 24, is among the women working in a profession which Sonagachi kolkata nude pic technically illegal.

Prevention: Packs of condoms arrive at a brothel, keeping the women safe from sexually transmitted diseases. Although prostitution is illegal, the trade flourishes and the women who work there are shunned by society.

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They're shunned Sonagachi kolkata nude pic not the men that use them. Most watched News videos Plane spews smoke and flames from engine before emergency LAX landing Chaos as Sonagachi kolkata nude pic brawl breaks out at cinema in Birmingham 'He's an extremist!

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