Remember me. Forgot my Password. Spank you and fuck your bottom In. Groups Stories Questions People. So the other day my sister and I got a particularly hard and embarrassing spanking Spank you and fuck your bottom thought I would share with you guys.

It started with my sister and I doing some homework after we got home from practice. It was pretty hard and it seemed like it was going to take a while. Annoyed turned into mad, and mad turned into arguing, yelling, and a little bit of shoving. I promise!! We obediently put our hands up, proceed to allow my mom to off our Spank you and fuck your bottom and followed her downstairs into the living room.

Any other time my mom would have spanked me and my sister then and there but a little while ago my Naked women nylons garter belts broke her hand skiing. We must have stood there waiting for our punishment for at least a good 45 min. Before my dad came through the front door. While they were in the other room I could hear my Mom explaining to my Dad what happened and what she think we should get.

After a few nervous minutes my dad walked back into our living room with a spoon in one hand and an armless chair in the other. As he walked in he placed the seat in front of both of us, handed me the spoon and told me to hold on to it for now.

He proceeded to grab my sister by the elbow and pull her across his lap for a good spanking. Can I please have that spoon? Without missing a beat my dad grabbed my hand, pinned it against my lower back and continued spanking me.

I stood against the wall with Teen diaper girl tumblr hands on my head next to my sister. Spank you and fuck your bottom of us were crying Spank you and fuck your bottom but we were both pretty close. Is that clear? We already learned our lesson! That just earned you an extra 4 spanks young lady now get in position!

Our dad pushed us so close to each other our shoulders were literally touching, I could practically feel the heat coming off Amandas butt. As I was bent over the table my dad grabbed both of my wrist and pushed down on my lower back not hard enough to hurt but enough to keep me firmly pinned against the table. He then slid the paddle across my bottom and told me to count the strokes.

After me he gave Amanda the same treatment, 4 quick hard spanks while pinned down. The more spanks I got the more I cried and the more I tried to squirm and wiggle my way out but it was no good, all I could do was take my punishment. By the it was finally over Amanda and I were left crying our eyes out. Our dad left the paddle lying across both our backs and told us to hold our position until he got back.

I knew that if he did I would be getting at least another 10 strokes with the paddle. Instead I was forced to just lie there hands behind my back with my red sore bottom sticking out crying my eyes out. Eventually my sister and I stopped crying any our dad came back instructed us to go stand in the corner for 45 min. And then our punishment would be over. Mar 14, Receive notifications on replies. I really like the stiry. This message Spank you and fuck your bottom deleted by its author.

Ouch :. That stinks and I bet it hurt a lot. I got pretty much the same punishment as you did so we both know what that kinda punishment feels like. That was an epic punishment! Is it the longest and hardest you ever got?

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