It was a hot summer day and I was on the riding mower cutting the back lawn. Kitty was sitting on the porch steps watching me. We'd been married for about three years and Parent directory index of tiny teen couldn't get enough of each other.

We never wanted to be apart. Hence Bangla clg girl xxx pic was watching me with a Black lesbian bbw nudes on her face and mischief in her eyes. I wore only an old pair of cut off jeans and several gallons of sweat from the hot sun high overhead.

I would have normally waited until late Women having sex on tractors the day or got up early to do this. But I had been called back to work early and wanted to get it done before I left. Kitty was quite capable of doing it but the old mower was cantankerous at its best and a serious pain in the ass at its worst. Kitty had started out sitting on the top step with her feet on the next one down. Her feet and legs were tucked up very prim and properly.

The short strapless sundress was pulled up tight under her arms and the skirt was down to her knees. But she didn't stay that way long. As I did laps around the yard, her feet moved down several steps and moved wider apart. Her knees opened as the short skirt moved down her thighs to her lap. The top of the dress slowly dropped lower and lower until the top Women having sex on tractors of her breasts were visible right down to the upper edge of the dark circles that capped each breast.

I love it when she teases me and I love teasing her. With her feet and knees apart, I could see her sex peeking at me, the Women having sex on tractors V she kept trimmed on her mound clearly visible. My manhood was stiff in the leg of my shorts and the head was doing some peeking of its own out the leg opening. Each time I would pass the steps, Kitty would lean over, run her hands up and down her lower legs, and lift her feet onto her toes.

This lifted and exposed her sex even more. At the same time it allowed me a better view down the top of the sundress at her lovely breasts and the top would ride even lower. A few laps later, Kitty pointedly looked at my swollen dick and smiled before she licked her lips suggestively.

I went on Women having sex on tractors, then came to a stop in front of her, and shut off the mower. Kitty's eyes were on the head of my dick sticking out the bottom of the leg opening.

She licked her lips and whispered, "These steps are safe. There's a hungry looking pussy staring at me. Kitty made a soft cooing noise and shivered. Can we? No one can see over the privacy fence. That's what it's for. This time she moaned softly. Looking up into her eyes I added, "You were teasing me and now you have Women having sex on tractors pay for it. I ran my tongue over the smoothly shaven outer lips and then up to trace the V of dark Women having sex on tractors. Kitty whimpered and then moaned as she leaned back on her hands.

Kitty's hips rolled up as she made a soft whimpering moaning sound. I took a second lick with the same affect. On the third lick, she lay back on the porch and lifted her hips to meet me.

I love oral sex with my wife almost as much as she does. I love making her make little sounds and I love the way she shivers and quivers when I touch just the right places.

It's a loving power trip. Out here in the bright Women having sex on tractors and the wide-open backyard it was even better. Kitty was even more responsive than she normally was, which is saying a lot. Just sucking and licking her thin fan like inner lips made her quiver and moan loudly. I teased her by avoiding her clit and opening for nearly ten minutes, even though her hands on my head were trying Women having sex on tractors force me one way or the other.

Finally, I stabbed my tongue in her juicy opening and had to swallow as she went off like a rocket. She gave out with a loud yell, flexing, and bucking her hips hard against my mouth and probing tongue. This in itself was unusual as it normally took time and patience to get her off orally.

I smiled to myself as I continued to fuck her with my tongue and her orgasm just rolled on and on. As it started to slack off some, or at least the jerking and shaking in her hips did, I lowered my head, lifted her legs, and took several licks along the flooded crease of her ass.

My tongue touching the crinkled ring of her anus made her gasp and wiggle around in my grip. We had never tried anal sex but had talked about it. I wondered what it would be like to fuck her tight virgin ass out here in the backyard. With a mental sigh, Sexy stacked hot xxx filed that away for another day. Lowering her legs, I licked and kissed my way up to her clit. Her hands tried weakly several time to stop me but I went right on up to roll her clit around with my tongue.

She went off like a bomb and just kept on coming as I flicked, licked, and sucked on her clit. I had never seen her have such a long and hard second orgasm in our short marriage. I'm surprised that her yelling and moaning hadn't brought the neighbors running with guns.

She was more vocal than I had ever heard and more vulgar. She was yelling things like, "Oh Fuck! Hell, Yes! Oh, Shit! About the third or fourth time she literally hit me in the head with her fist, I released her clit and dove down to her pulsing, flooded vagina for the feast of Women having sex on tractors lifetime. Now she had two hands full of hair and was trying to stuff my head in her pussy.

My loving shy little wife was yelling for me to "Eat that pussy! I was very, very happy to oblige her. When her hips slowed and the pressure on my head relaxed, I rose up and sat back on my heels. I had a big grin on my face as I looked at my beautiful wife sprawled out like she was dead.

Her legs were splayed open wide, her wet sex was spotlighted by the bright sunshine, and I could see her opening pulsing slowly. The top of her dress was down below her breasts and her nipples were so hard that the circles underneath were wrinkled and puckered.

But the look on her face was the best of all. There was a slack look to it but at the same time there was a completely sated look also. The look of a woman who was in her own little world, a world that I had created for her. I wondered what would happen if I slipped my shorts off and fucked her but I Old vs young men that she needed to rest and recover first.

With a sigh, I did slip the shorts off. My dick was hard and hot as it pressed tightly up against my lower belly. I ran my hand up and down the shaft a few times and then shivered from the feelings. I'd better get back to mowing or I would fuck her, I thought quickly. With a grin I got on the mower and started it. I had never cut the grass naked before and chuckled to myself as I thought about how I would look to Kitty as I bounced across the lawn with my dick sticking up out of my lap.

She'd get a laugh out of it, I figured. Kitty continued to lie on the pouch. I made three or four rounds and Women having sex on tractors hadn't moved. I was to the point of stopping to check on her when she finally sat up. She still looked a little dazed and confused and then her eyes focused on me. She grinned broadly and blew me a kiss. I blew her one back. I made another round and then I had to pay attention to what I was doing as I had the big oak in the back corner of the lot to mow around.

By the time I had that done and continued on around the yard, Kitty was standing on the bottom step. I was surprised when she slipped the dress down around her waist and then down over her hips to drop it. My wife was now standing on the steps in all her naked glory. I felt my breath catch and my dick twitched as I smiled at her.

As I came on around, she stepped off the porch and walked out to where I had already mowed. As I got close to her, she held up her hand for me to Women having sex on tractors. I stopped and turned the mower off. Without a word, she stepped up on the mower, straddled my thighs facing me, and sat down. When I started to suggest we go inside, she kissed the hell out of me and rubbed even harder.

Who was I to argue with her, I thought as Women having sex on tractors kissed her back with eager passion, my arms going around her.

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