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For FunProjects 9. You could make it in any shape or size imaginable. For FunFor the HomeProjects. For Fun. For the HomePlansProjects. ChristopherAlan December 11, pm. Great idea. I think I will build a couple few of those.

I actually do like the look of the end grain on the cedar you used. It keeps it simple and I think it just looks good. Great photo btw. Well done dude! Anonymous December 12, pm. Laney December 12, pm. Brett December 12, pm. Hope that you are doing well and thanks for the project. I wish that I had more time to spend building Making a thumb piano projects. This Making a thumb piano and the tongue drum are two that I would like to make the time for, the kids would love them.

Quick question, Steve, The finish looks pretty freakin nice! How many coats of lacquer did you use? How much sanding? Was is spray or wiped on? I just think it looks great for [what seemed like] a quick application. Wellington December 13, am. Mere Mortals December 13, pm. Joe: I only applied a few coats of spray lacquer. I love using it because you can complete a finish in a couple hours. I just lightly sanded before the last coat.

That looks like a lot of fun to play! Anonymous September 20, am. I love you, my wife Making a thumb piano get jealous even! It makes me want to make one now, using different materials for the thumb flutes, from purple heart strips to copper and other metals.

Your email address will not be published. December 11, A few weeks ago I picked up a book from the library all about folk instruments from around the world.

There are all different types and styles of these instruments, but they are all native to Africa. I would absolutely love to hear what it sounds like. Better yet, hear someone who can play it well. In absence of that, here is my simpler version made out of red cedar, dowels, and coping saw blades.

It is tunable and actually Making a thumb piano a pretty good Making a thumb piano. Make a pair of salad tongs Super loud noisemaker. Related Posts.

Festive Demon Wreath. For Fun 8 totally free ways to become an even happier woodworker. For the HomePlansProjects How to make a classic wooden storage crate. Awesome Job!! Thanks, Joe. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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