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Donna Turner September 3, Erotic daydreaming can even give license to the taboo, minus, of course, the weighty repercussions of reality. Simply put, when it comes to fantasies, anything — yes, anything — goes. It could be on a beach, the rhythm of lapping waves matching that of our lovers themselves; midst the rustling of leaves, deep inside a dense forest; or perhaps our lucky lady and her even luckier partner, find themselves marking Hot girl gif nude space in a field of swaying grass.

Next, the threesome : the go-to fantasy for Most erotic teens fantasize and women alike, no matter the permutation of bodies to enjoy. Whatever their sexual orientation, loads of ladies dream about sharing their partner with another woman. Well, why not! Disheveling him presents a lot of fantasy fun, trust us. Second: a man in uniform may represent someone heroic — a firefighter, a cop or maybe a soldier.

Finally, the idea that our lustful lady could divert said superman from whatever his very important duties may be — fighting crime, saving the innocent, battling fires — is a huge turn-on, not to mention ego boost extraordinaire.

For similar reasons, celebrities and even politicians are just as likely an object for many a female fantasy, be it for their perceived glamour, unattainable status or sheer influence. Perhaps they lock eyes on the commute home, sharing an unspoken and intimate agreement of passions ahead. Maybe they find each other in the din of bar, silently connecting and disappearing into the night. Or who knows, maybe Most erotic teens fantasize really is that hot electrician sent out to, ahem, fix her fuses?

Submission can be very, very sexy. As ever, this one works both ways and for many a woman, commanding her lover to cater to her every sexual whim is undeniably hot. Some hover within a tantalizing closeness to reality; while others should — Most erotic teens fantasize do — remain just that: an intimate fantasy, best confined to the realms of the imagination. That said, sharing your innermost desires with your partner can bring a whole lot of naughtiness to sex.

Give it a try, and bring these most erotic of daydreams Red blotches head of penis step closer to reality!

Tags Fantasy Women. Most erotic teens fantasize hosts intimacy seminars and is currently writing a book on love languages. One comment.

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