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Chapter Summery : An Toilet desperation peeing her pants group of girls, desperate to pee and nowhere to go, find that their only source of relief Toilet desperation peeing her pants I gotta pee so bad!

The sister, Jessica, dressed in a pink T-shirt and jeans, her hair styled in a braided ponytail, wasn't alone in her struggle.

Toilet desperation peeing her pants two sisters, Kelly and Ginny, occupying the middle of the van, sitting in the left and right seat respectively, also had their hands between their legs, squirming at various intensities. Kelly, unlike Jessica, wore a white tank-top with a Toilet desperation peeing her pants pleated white skirt, her un-styled hair reaching her shoulders.

Along with the sisters, the need to empty the bladder also extended to the front of the van, both, the driver, the triplets thirty-seven year old mother, Rachael and the passenger, the triplets ten-year old cousin, Becky, were also in need of a toilet. I d-don't know how much longer I got. Upon the Rachael going into the turn, not even half-way through it she sees a build-up of vehicles and quite soon, rounding the corner, her heart sunk as she sees a sea of vehicles in Toilet desperation peeing her pants and was forced to come to a stop.

The subsequent "Awwww While the groans and whines persisted for the next few moments, it all briefly came to an end as Becky suddenly declares The little girl lifting her legs up to her chest with a groan as her hold began to Toilet desperation peeing her pants, her pee, unseen at the moment, trickling out of her, damping her panties.

Hold on! Rachael soon sees Toilet desperation peeing her pants only useful thing, a nearly empty bottle of Mountain Dew. Quickly taking it from the cup-holder, the woman quickly unscrews the cap and hands it to Becky. If not for the accident in progress, Becky would've questioned about the few gulps of pop that remained, instead, she took it without question, hurriedly lifting her dress and pulling the crotch of her panties aside, revealing her hairless little flower and a stream of clear pee flowing from her before quickly placing the mouth of the bottle against her and with the steady sound of liquid meeting liquid, the young girl gave a sigh of relief and the flow intensified, although, while one of the five had found relief, the sight and sound of Becky's relief only made the others need to pee even worse.

I don't know how much longer I can hold out. A long few moments later, groaning from her increasing need to pee, Kelly could find nothing of use, the one pop bottle she did find, was too beat up to use.

Naked girls with freckles fair skin hope of dry panties seemed to be lost, the vehicle hadn't moved an inch and the whines and groans increased. The triplets mother, now also looked to be in Toilet desperation peeing her pants desperate need now as well with seeing Becky finishing her relief as the young girl sat back, eyes closed with a big smile on her face Toilet desperation peeing her pants the sound of her pee flowing into the bottle came to gentle end, soon lifting the bottle up to reveal that it was as close to full without spilling out, which she secured with the cap.

Moments into the group silently and reluctantly accepting the fate of an imminent group wetting; Jessica, nearly willing to give up, gave one more attempt at finding Toilet desperation peeing her pants of use, looking under the seat she was laying on When she saw it, at first, she didn't think anything of it, just a small dirty towel, Jessica briefly looked over it, before a realization suddenly dawned on her and in her excitement, she nearly had an accident then and there as she quickly pulls the towel from under the seat, revealing it to be a rather large face Women being brutally whipped. I'm starting to lose it!

While Jessica really didn't want to give up her chance for relief, given that it was her idea after all, she couldn't just ignore her sisters desperate plea, especially if Ginny was starting to wet herself, she herself still had dry underwear. But make it quick! Just pee enough for you to hold out. You can't hog it! While her sisters briefly fought over the makeshift toilet, Kelly had folded the small face towel as thick as she could and placed it under her panties, pressed against her crotch, though she continued to hold in her pee, she knew the folded towel wouldn't hold much, so she wanted to try and wait for her turn with the bigger towel.

Though Jessica, Toilet desperation peeing her pants put her annoyance on hold and turned the towel around to the dry side, cringing some when she felt the pee on the other side, turning around, quickly unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans, pulling them down just enough to expose her butt to the others as she places the towel against the tensed lips of her labia, sighing loudly as she finally relaxed, allowing her pee to flood into the towel, feeling her pee spread across it. Despite the euphoria of release, Jessica didn't want to be greedy like her sister, Ginny and began to pull the reigns back on the intensity at which she was letting her pee leave her and after only Toilet desperation peeing her pants seconds of heaven, Jessica gave Toilet desperation peeing her pants groan as she clenches her urethra, feeling a few more spurts leave her, before she felt her hold secure, then pulling the wet towel from her damp lips, seeing the wet spot roughly half the size of Ginny's before her and offering the towel to Kelly behind Toilet desperation peeing her pants. Ginny, seeing the exchange, whines as she felt more of her remaining urine slipping pass her hold into her panties and shorts.

No one in the van said anything about Ginny's obvious loss of control, though Kelly, taking a similar amount Toilet desperation peeing her pants peeing time as Jessica, holds back her flow with a tremble, before offering the even wetter towel to her and Jessica giving her back the small one. After three separate uses, there was Toilet desperation peeing her pants a dry spot left on the towel, just places wetter than others and Jessica groans as she places the warm, wet towel against herself again and added more of her pee into it.

Not four seconds into it, Jessica could feel her pee dripping down her fingers, the unfortunate towel had reached it's limit it seemed. She wanted to stop, the towel was useless now, but she couldn't find the willpower to, so Jessica simply continued, quite literally giving up as what little restraint she still held on her flowing pee, she let go, allowing her urine to flood through the saturated towel, down her fingers, to be absorbed by her panties and jeans, the faint 'pat, pat, pat' of rapid drops of urine wetting cloth was unmistakable.

Despite two failed attempts at successfully finding relief, Kelly had thought up a plan of her own and releases as much pee into the small folded towel as she thought it could hold. Feeling the pee soaking into the other side, told her it was enough, before holding back Toilet desperation peeing her pants rest with a groan.

Pulling the saturated towel from her panties and dropping it to the floor, Kelly pulls her panties down completely and removes them, then balling them up and placing it against her lower lips much like the towel and let go into her panties.

Although even that attempt wasn't enough as her panties lasted only seconds before her urine fully soaked through them and she was now left in the same position Jessica had found herself in. Her panties were Kelly's only idea and in the 'shock' of nothing else to use and the fact that she was still peeing, Kelly was seconds from Toilet desperation peeing her pants up, afterall, the only reason she took her panties off was Toilet desperation peeing her pants she was wearing a long enough skirt and using the skirt itself was NOT an option, she didn't want to be completely naked from the waist down.

Although, within the moment of giving up, her pee falling through her panties and dripping from her fingers, Kelly saw her socks! It would likely only be prolonging the inevitable, but Kelly didn't care; quickly clenching her urethra, Kelly drops her panties and pulls her feet from her shoes and quickly removes her socks, pulling them inside-out into a neat, compact ball Toilet desperation peeing her pants placing it against her crotch and letting go again with a low moan.

After a few moments, to Kelly's surprise, although she could feel much of the socks soaked through, about a third she guessed, Kelly could also feel her urination tapering off. Had she succeeded where her sisters had failed!? Toilet desperation peeing her pants moments pass and Kelly soon feels the socks fully saturated and her peeing beginning to drip from her fingers, just as she was at the point in her urination that she had to push out the last few streams.

With a satisfied sigh, Kelly pulled away the soaked pair of socks with a smile on her face, soon looking to her sisters, Ginny, who still sat in her seat, her face red and looking down to her drenched jean shorts, with her hands on her lap; Jessica, who had removed her jeans altogether, though pulled her stained panties up, sitting on the couch-like seat, using the dry parts of her jeans to wipe her legs and crotch, though she did look up to Kelly.

Since we're all empty now, how about the four of us try to find a way for her not to have an accident. Browse Fiction Poetry. Community General Fiction Poetry.

Forum General Fiction Poetry. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Fiction General. An unfortunate group of girls, desperate to pee and nowhere to go, find that their only source of relief is Ginny, wore a yellow T-shirt and and jean 'hot-pants', revealing much of her blemish-free legs. Use this! Her sisters and mother all look to her and Kelly asks first H-How would we use that besides after we all pee ourselves?

Ginny, seeing the clever action taken by her sister, gasps out I'm not done yet! I was nice enough to let you go first! What about me!? Becky quickly chimes in The action was also followed by Ginny, causing Rachael to smile. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.

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