Pretty standard, as far as tactial espionage action goes. But as you're crawling Eva from mgs nude ventilation shafts, because Eva from mgs nude course you are, you spot a woman in another cell. Eva from mgs nude woman is Meryl Silverburgh, who happens to play a large part in the story to come, but you Snake doesn't know that yet.

All this horndog knows is that this mass of polygons resembles an attractive female doing situps. Snake knows Meryl isn't the target the DARPA chief happens to be a black Really beautiful black girlsbut that doesn't stop him from grinding the mission to a halt to stalk her. See, Eva from mgs nude you backtrack through the vents, you can witness Meryl change up her fitness routine.

First sit-ups, then push-ups, and then leg stretches. Your reward for persistence beyond that? Meryl is back to doing sit-ups again, only now she's not wearing any pants. Yes, for your consistent stalking you are rewarded with a woman in nothing but a tank top and underwear -- or whatever murky PlayStation One texture that is supposed to represent.

But that's not the only time in the game in which due diligence pays off in partial nudity. A few hours later, you have to get the attention of Meryl, who has stolen the clothes of a diarrhea-prone guard that she knocked out later in the series they get married; yes, really.

Snake is told to meet up with her "in the one place you can be sure she's alone. This mostly consists of paying attention to which guard shakes their ass like Nikki Minaj when they walk. Once Meryl sees you scoping her out, she'll bolt for the bathroom. If you manage to get there within 15 seconds without being seen, you're treated to this:. Yep, that's Meryl in her underwear again. Lesser gamers who take their time carefully maneuvering around enemies were greeted with a sensible pair of trousers; only the most elite creepers can make it into the ladies' room before Meryl puts Eva from mgs nude pants on.

The ridiculous sexualization in the series has only gotten more intense as the years have passed, culminating in Metal Gear Solid V. Kojima was quick to leap to Quiet's defense, arguing that there was a very good reason for the outfit, and that when players discovered the truth, we would be " ashamed of our words and deeds.

Kojima maintained that Quiet is intended as Eva from mgs nude satire of the oversexed female characters so common in gaming, especially in the fighting genre. But if there's some sort subversive commentary going on here, it's buried by how the game's Eva from mgs nude ogles Quiet at every opportunity. So why are we supposed to be "ashamed of our words and deeds?

If Quiet wears so much as a tank top, she's basically suffocating herself. The specifics are barely explained in the game, amounting to a "type of photosynthesis. You could probably come up with a pedantic argument like "Quiet's need to be naked symbolizes the way that female characters need to strip down to survive in today's gaming landscape.

If Quiet were truly some sort of Hot blonde girls naked video on gaming, there wouldn't be an easter egg that involves staring at some T to get rewarded with a sample of the A.

This isn't to mention the completely unnecessary shower scene. There are a lot of cool things about Quiet. Yes, she's the only human sidekick in the game next to a horse, a dog and a vehicle, but she also kicks serious ass. Quiet is an invaluable asset on in-game missions, and will save your grizzled bacon on a constant basis.

But man, you just can't take this girl anywhere. Okay, that's so over-the-top stupid that this could be turning a corner into parody.

Maybe Kojima really is trying to poke at female stereotypes in gaming. Then again, this is the same Eva from mgs nude that straight-up admitted Quiet was designed to inspire cosplayers and sell toys. Those are your words and deeds, buddy, not ours. Recent Most Liked. Ed Stevens. Page 1 of 4 Next. We like you. Do you like us too?

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