Some people say that Jennifer Lopez has a really beautiful ass, that is, it is delightful to look at. Well, they're right; she does have a gorgeous ass, big and voluptuous, wonderful to ogle and to lust for and to masturbate over. But, if those people think that is the only thing it is good for, they are sorely mistaken. I am one of the few men who are lucky enough to know better, and I found out last summer.

It happened in August when I was driving in my van conversion along a deserted stretch of highway in California's Central Valley. The temperature was about degrees in the shade, if you were lucky enough to Jennifer lopez tight ass any shade, but my air conditioning was working fine and I was quite comfortable. On the flat, featureless area, my field of vision was large and when I was still a long way off, I saw a small car pulled off to the side of the road.

When I drew near, I saw a woman waving at me to stop and, as I slowed down and pulled up next to her, I recognized the beautiful Jennifer Lopez. When I rolled down the window, she smiled as she leaned inside and asked me "My car's broken down and my cell phone's dead. Can I get a ride to the nearest town so I can get some Jennifer lopez tight ass Anything for my favorite actress. Climb in. How far is it to the next Indian hot girl cum I have nothing better to do so I'll take you there.

It was SO hot out there; it's just possible you saved my life. Have you ever heard of casting couches? But, you know what? The directors or whoever, they weren't after my pussy.

When they saw me from behind, they wanted to fuck me in my ass. I liked it. I really did and now that I don't have to worry about casting couches any more, it's my favorite Jennifer lopez tight ass thing to do, especially with guys I like or who do something nice for me. I had a sudden inkling where this conversation might be going and I really, Jennifer lopez tight ass hoped I was right.

Jennifer looked pointedly into the back of the van conversion where the bed was. I like you a lot and you're doing something really nice for me. Why don't you Jennifer lopez tight ass over some place and we can get in the back and I'll show Emo punk boys naked what I used to have to do on casting couches and like to do now for swell guys like you? Suddenly, I saw a place that looked to be almost perfect.

Ahead and off to the right was a driveway that led to an old house. Most of the roof was missing and it was obvious nobody had lived there for years. As Jennifer saw where we were headed, she smiled lasciviously and got up to start for the back of the van.

Before she left, she patted my cock, which she could see was already bulging my pants at the thought of the marvelous place where it would soon be. Don't take too long. The thought of fucking JLo's lovely ass had my cock ready, and I certainly didn't want to take too long.

The driveway actually led to where a garage had been before collapsing a long time ago. I pulled behind the house for some concealment from the highway, stopped and put the van in Park.

Because we would need the AC, I left the engine running. The last thing I did before joining Jennifer was to put on a CD of hers, made up of her sexiest songs.

By the time I got to the Jennifer lopez tight ass of the van, Jennifer was naked and lying on the bed, a pillow under her waist so she was positioned for me. My cock got even harder as I gazed on the ass I had lusted for and dreamed about ever since I had first seen it, bigger than life, in "Selena". It looked like one of my greatest fantasies was about to come true. Jennifer smiled when her own voice started coming through the sound system.

Quickly, I removed my clothing and rolled the condom onto my cock. When she saw I was ready, Jennifer reached back and spread her beautiful ass cheeks, showing off her adorable dark brown rosebud nestled in the soft, Jennifer lopez tight ass brown skin. After kissing both her buttocks, I applied the oil, starting by covering the puckered edges and ending by thrusting my middle finger all the way into the hole I was about to fuck, and spreading the oil heavily around inside.

I know your cock will feel even better, though. While she held her cheeks spread, Nude photos of nigerian actress pried open the tight hole with my fingers. Holding it open with the fingers of one hand, I guided myself with the other hand until the tip of my cock was right at the tiny hole, which I knew would stretch to Jennifer lopez tight ass me.

JLo murmured in pleasure again as the tip of my cock wedged into her ass. She cooed as the next few thrusts drove it halfway into where we wanted it. God, that feels good," she told me as, with a few more strokes, my cock was all the Jennifer lopez tight ass in her marvelous ass.

As I backed out of her and drove all the way back in Jennifer lopez tight ass, she moaned in pleasure and her body squirmed on top of the bed. She moaned even louder as my cock plunged in and out a few more times but then she stopped me. Your cock feels great now but when I get Jennifer lopez tight ass my knees, it'll be even more fun for both of us.

With my cock imbedded deeply, Jennifer lopez tight ass both got to our knees. Jennifer was leaning forward, her upper body supported on her forearms and Jennifer lopez tight ass while her back was arched, presenting her ass fully to me.

I took advantage of the position to drive Jennifer lopez tight ass cock all the way in and out, and on the second thrust, she fucked back to meet me. For a long time we slowly fucked, both of us moaning from the intense pleasure. I love your cock in my ass. Every time it starts into me, I can feel the pleasure rippling out, and it grows as you go Jennifer lopez tight ass deeper, until it floods my whole body.

And, it keeps getting better the longer we fuck. I hope we can keep going all day. Your ass is the best place my cock has ever been. It feels so great, the way you keep squeezing and releasing me.

My hands were resting on Jennifer's Jennifer lopez tight ass, partly to guide our mutual strokes and partly because I enjoyed the feel of her soft brown skin. Her head and upper body were writhing on the bed in front of me and her hips started a new motion. As she continued thrusting back to meet the plunges of my cock into her ass, Jennifer lopez tight ass hips started swiveling, driving her knees like pistons into the mattress.

With the additional movement, Jennifer lopez tight ass ass was caressing my cock in another way, sending even more pleasure flooding my body. My cock has been in many places and Jennifer's ass may not have been the best ever, as I had told her, but Jennifer lopez tight ass was certainly one of the best. Play with my clit and fuck me faster. Before I did anything else, I licked her nectar off my fingers and found it to be unusually delicious. I reached around again and started massaging the area directly around her clit.

Like that. Now, fuck me faster. Although she was tight, my cock slid easily in and out and I could feel the walls of her Jennifer lopez tight ass massaging my entire shaft every time I drove it into her.

Every stroke went all the way in, with my balls slapping against her pussy. Uh," she whimpered from pleasure as I plowed my cock in and out of her ass and caressed her clit, until she burst out "Yes! I'm cumming. Oh, God, keep Jennifer lopez tight ass me! My right hand, that continued massaging her clit, and my left hand on her hip held Jennifer steady while her head and upper body thrashed from side to side. She continued fucking back to meet me and her hips gyrated wildly Jennifer lopez tight ass front of me.

JLo climaxed with a great spasm of her body and an ecstatic Jennifer lopez tight ass. After her orgasm, she wanted to collapse onto the bed but I held her up and pounded my cock into her ass for a few more strokes.

I felt ecstasy pour through me and gave a great sigh as I also climaxed, my semen spurting into my condom. Jennifer collapsed onto the bed as I released my hold on her and I sprawled on See thru voyeur pics, both of us happy and satisfied.

Jennifer lopez tight ass I like lying together spoon fashion and I didn't want to be too heavy for her, I slid off Jennifer onto my side and pulled her onto her side in front of her. After a while, my cock softened and slipped out of the ass where it had given and gotten so much pleasure. We lay there for another half hour until Jennifer said "Let's not worry about my car just now. I can send a Jennifer lopez tight ass truck after it. Suppose you join me at my hotel and we stay the Black girl cum on face together?

I would love to spend the next few days showing you the main thing I used to do on casting couches and some other things too. I hope it gave you as much fun as I did writing it. Jennifer lopez tight ass you think of it, I value your opinion so please tell me by voting and leaving feedback, either leaving a public comment or emailing me.

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