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With a string of early-'80s movies like The FogEscape From New YorkThe Cannonball RunSwamp Thingand CreepshowAdrienne Barbeau established herself as a tough, sexy dream girl of young male movie junkies, appearing in exactly the movies young men liked. Horror, suspense, comic books, screwball comedy -- Barbeau's films weren't going to get a Best Naked adrienne barbeau nude nod, but these are films fans loved.

And in fact, fans still love these movies, and continue to flock to Barbeau, as her packed convention schedule demonstrates. But it's those endlessly re-watchable early '80s movies that will forever be her claim to fame.

Adrienne Barbeau center right on stage in the original Broadway production of Grease. She headed to New York, where she Naked adrienne barbeau nude worked as a go-go dancer. She left the show in to take the lead role in a nudie off-Broadway musical, Stag Movie.

She only performed the role of Cookie Kovac from January to Marchwhen the show closed. Her next role was Naked adrienne barbeau nude character of Rizzo in the original Broadway production of Grease. For that role, Naked adrienne barbeau nude portrayal of a tough, no-nonsense teenager, she was nominated for a Tony Award in and won a Theater Naked adrienne barbeau nude Award. The cast of 'Maude,' Barbeau has often said that working with Bea Arthur was one of the great experiences of her career :.

Adrienne Barbeau's '70s 'cheesecake' poster, recycled for the cover of her memoir. Source: IMDB. By the late s, Barbeau was considered a sex symbol. It was the golden age of pinup posters, and Barbeau was no exception -- inshe appeared on a cheesecake poster Naked adrienne barbeau nude a purple corset in Joe Bob Briggs, a film critic, noted her voluptuous chest. On the set of this film, she met director John Naked adrienne barbeau nude. Adrienne Barbeau in 'Swamp Thing.

John Carpenter, whom she married increated the character Stevie Wayne for her in his film The Fog. Her first love scene came in Swamp Thingbut it was a love scene with a monster. The nude scene was only made for European audiences and was censored in the U. Barbeau's early '80s career was majorly boosted by the quality of directors she worked with, Naked adrienne barbeau nude of whom have their own cult followings.

Romero is king of the zombie movies with his Night Of The Living Dead franchise, and Carpenter has been an acclaimed master of suspense for several decades. Adrienne Barbeau center and Tara Buckman using their feminine wiles to escape justice in 'Cannonball Run. She divorced John Carpenter in Inshe married Billy Van Zandt who is 12 years younger than Naked adrienne barbeau nude. At 51 she gave birth to twins.

They divorced in Adrienne Barbeau in 'Carnivale,' and in a recent publicity photo. Barbeau has continued to appear on television shows and in movies and has more than screen credits to date.

Two current projects are bringing Barbeau back to her roots: She will be appearing on an episode of the revived Creepshow series, and she plays Dr. Palomar on a Swamp Thing series. Both of these projects have yet Naked adrienne barbeau nude be released. Toggle navigation. More from Groovy History. Welcome Back Kotter - Up your nose with a rubber hose! Share On Facebook. Terry Claypoole Writer Terry is a lover of the beach, history, politics and Indin girl sex video a passion for social media and technology.

In her spare time, you can find her at the beach of course enjoying the sand and sun and listening to music from the groovy era. Remember the Good Times. Fall in love again Famous Faces. Remember how it was Culture Change.

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