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Guest over a year ago. MissMess over a year ago. PHhelp over a year ago. Confused girl over a year ago. Couldn't find what you looking for? Guest over a year ago 5 weeks ago I began to get a shooting pain from what seems like my clitoris or clitoral hood.

It was intensified by walking, sitting, moving around, etc. After a week of it getting worse, I went to 2 different doctors different days - had 2 swabs and urine samples taken, both came back negative for a yeast infection and bladder infection. Over the next week, the shooting pain disappeared altogether, the swelling went down, and I got a brand new set of symptoms - burning in my vulva, labia lips, around the clitoral hood, etc. Went to visit doctor 3 and she said the area did look Spank my clitoris red, but she saw no signs Spank my clitoris red infection and suggested I change my soap incase I was having an allergic reaction.

Went Sexy body curvy nude doctor 4 who gave me a prescription for a cream mixture for hyderm anti-inflammatory incase its an allergy reaction and clotrimaderm anti-fungal incase its a yeast, even though both my yeast tests came back negative.

So far the prescription has done nothing to improve my situation and I'm at my wits end. Any ideas what could be causing this? I'm in pain and frustrated. Guest over a year ago This problems sounds quite similar to mine. About 10 months ago i had itching in the vulva and went to my doctor twice and was told it was yeast infection. However despite me using the treatment my problem was still there. But a month on i had really bad pain in my clitoris a few times and stopped using it.

I get pain on my clitoral hood almost daily and sometimes my clitoris. I get 2 different types of pain, one is unprovoked and the other provoked ie. I am also red down there and often it can feel inflammed. Things have never been the same since last year and i suspect i will have Spank my clitoris red go back to my doctor. It is very frustrating not knowing what this problem is, you have Spank my clitoris red sympathy.

Guest over a year ago Wow, I thought I was the only one in the world experiencing this. It's been just about a week and it almost feels like someone punched me there. It feels swollen and is irritated more when I walk, sit, stand. Warm baths seem to help a little. I haven't gone to the doctor yet, i am going to give it a few more days to see what happens. Ive Spank my clitoris red reading all sorts of web sites ands cant find anything with these symptoms Geez I hope it's not cancer.

MissMess over a year ago oh, jeeze glad to know im not the only one. But im not sure i have the same Old british man fucking wife entirely.

I first noticed when my cliterus became abnormally itchy gross i'm sorry so Spank my clitoris red itched it It hurts to walk and to sit down because my legs are either rubbing it when i walk, or the chair is touching it when i sit down.

I'm having wierd discharge, not like yeast infection discharge cottage cheese but watery and the mucussy clump. I'm really curious as to know what is going on. I'm going to the doctor this week. If i hear anything that may purtain to those above i will repost with info. Guest over a year ago Oh yeah! I Spank my clitoris red noticed my cliterus was abnormally itchy. So i itched it, alot. The next morning i wake up and see that my cliterus and labia are swollen twice my normal size.

It itches again, but feels raw, and inflamed. It burnes to touch it. So that pretty much puts walking and sitting out of the picture. It's also very red. Nothing seems to help, i refrained from itching it, didn't do anything but bug Spank my clitoris red. I took a warm bath, also didn't do anything. It doesn't hurt or burn Spank my clitoris red pee. And my discharge doesn't smell.

It's watery with the occasional clump of mucussy stuff similar of that Archer cartoon nude girls a booger. I can't stand this much longer and fear it Spank my clitoris red stay like this for quite some time.

I'm going to the doctor this week, and if i find out anything that purtains to any of us, i will repost with some answers. PHhelp over a year ago Hi. After ruling out infections, stds and other serious conditions you might be experiencing something called Vulvodynia. This condition is a burning,irratated, stinging feeling in the vulva. I had it and I healed myself. I kept getting yeast infections too but not all women get that.

Trust me I went to 6 "specialists" who did nothing but make it worse with drugs. I changed my diet. Yes you read right-what you eat affects your vagina. I stopped coffee, tea, and soda. I started drinking Evian water but have since discovered that some women can't tolerate that so they drink other alkalized water. I stopped eating sugar, fruits, vinegar, all processed pre-packaged foods, dairy except butter, molasses and honey. I ate tons of greens including spinach, broccoli, kale, swiss Spank my clitoris red, lettuce, celery, cucumbers they are the best for this and string beans.

I also ate limited protein like baked chicken, Spank my clitoris red fish. No tomatoes or peppers ever. Including table pepper-stay away from that. You need to bring your internal Spank my clitoris red into balance. I was too acidic-you might be too. Stress relief Spank my clitoris red huge. I practice yoga. You must journal everything you put in your mouth and write down how you react.

I would also recommend PH stix that you can get online. You hold them under your urine and write down the reading. You want to be Spank my clitoris red 6. It took me a year to heal and I added back some foods.

I also juice my veggies every morning b4 breakfast. Good luck. Guest over a year ago Hi, i am 17 years old and only had 1 sexual partner who is slighlty older than me, he has had 5 sexual partners. Help would be much appriciated. You probably should go to a doctor to rule out various infections or get medicine if is an infection. I am one for natural healing so if it is a yeast infection there are ways to treat it without Diflucan or other vaginal creams. Let me know it you are interested in a natural alternative.

I had no Spank my clitoris red prior to this one abnormal exam. Odd, I know. I have had random symptomology never consistent with diagnosis given. I've Nude suzanne somers tits since treated for any infection under the sun, periodically i. It was discovered I have a stricture in my urethra blockage or scar tissue caused possibly though undetermined due to past surgury or infection--e.

UTI- specific to urethritis, which was never my diagnosis previously, instead I was told I had a bladder infection when labs came back from urinalysis. Its been on and off symptoms and various creams and antibiotics for over 6 months now. I see a eurologist next month to run more tests and determine the next step. I have already been to a kidney dr. I feel very uncertain with my doctor's uncertainties!

My advice to all is to get second opinions, and track your symptoms, don't research Spank my clitoris red much on the net. Guest over a year ago Ladies - I just experienced my 2nd go-around with this un-nerving problem. What works? Soak your vaginal area in a "Domeboro" bath 3x a day. You can buy this product at CVS.

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