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But the down side is that some times the ladies ask for money, a few may not be genuine, and can have boyfriends and husbands. We have looked over and reviewed many, Thai wives for sale such websites and only a found a few worthy of recommending. Some have horrible reviews. Some keep changing their names. Some appear to be total scams.

The dating and introduction service that we recommend. Simply click on the banner below to get to the site. Excellent reviews by clients, website visitors and even websites that evaluate these type of businesses.

So thumbs up. What we have noticed is that more than half of the Thai ladies Thai wives for sale met have one or more children. Because they need your financial support to raise the child. The "key" to a long lasting relationship with a Thai lady is providing the Financial Support she requires. Your looks or age are not as important as you ability and willingness to be a provider for her and her family.

Is she using you? But it is a relationship that is kept together by your being a good person and her upholding her end of the unwritten bargain. And it works. Get to know her Thai wives for sale you even arrive.

And select several you want to meet and get to know better. And if you try AsianSingles2Day. Just e-mail - wan. Well as I said before, just about every male foreigner who came here on Thai wives for sale own to retire has a Thai girlfriend or Thai wife.

From what I have seen they are ALL happy. A male who is in his 50's or 60's Sexy naked hausa ladies planning on retiring here to Chiang Mai and wants a Thai lady to share his life wife has limited options as to finding her.

And Korean air hostess stripping nude one has spent more than they expected. Our Retire clients tell us that they have "been there and done that" as to the bar scene and see it for what it is and want another means by which to find a Thai girlfriend.

Although Thai wives for sale could be Thai ladies working in bars who could be wonderful girlfriends and wives we recommend other ways in which to find longterm female companionship. MOST of the girls working in bars have sex regularly been around the block several timesmore likely to have tatoos, higher possibility of them being drug users, may have sexual diseases, are likely to have a boyfriend or husband already be it Thai or foreigner and in truth are not interested in a long term relationship with a man over 50 years of age.

And these are facts that you should consider and understand when rushing towards the nearest bar on arrival. Sure have some fun but have a Thai wives for sale in place for finding the right girlfriend or wife for yourself.

That is the key to happiness here for the single male retiree. Saving you money on cooking, cleaning, nursing, no more bar fines, no more excessive boozing and more.

Saving you money and bringing you loving, and happiness. Initially we were negative on Correspondence and Intro Services and we will explain why.

Personally I have tried neither. But in doing our research what Thai wives for sale found is that there were 3 Introduction services here in Chiang Mai. Related pages Finding Girlfriend in Thailand versus Cambodia. New Information, Confidential Information. Updated Information. Secrets to Retiring to Chiang Mai. Email us for a "Free" chapter. Discover Our Retirement Location.

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