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Albert's High Schoolwrestling. Tags: American Field ServiceC. Grant S. HunterToastmasters. HunterRouen. HunterMrs. Fred BeaumontRouen.

Bartel Jr. Sort by: Title Creator Date Added. Lewis Central High School Annual Pa t Va nNordstrand a nd Michollo Woods. Riding on the carousel. Summertime - the time all to yourself, aw ay from the constant nagging of teachers and guilt of watching an extra hour of TV instead of finishing your math homework. There are several types of summers. There is the typical lazy summer where you sit around and your only exercise is from the couch to the bathroom or fridge. Also, the determined summer where you have all of your energy planted into a certain project or idea.

Then the familiar work-aholic summer where you spend your days and nights slaving away at a job you hate; just for spending money for the one day you have off all w eek. Regardless of the type of summer you have, 1 6 out of the 18 students polled prefer summertime to the school year.

Happy Birthday t o you! Se11io1 '! Top: Say cheese! As my alarm goes off at AM, I have the urge to roll over and push snooze after a long night struggling to fall asleep. I finally force myself to crawl out of bed.

While slipping on my new school outfit, I started to feel butterflies arise in my stomach. Suddenly sparks of curiosity pop Bilder gal eries nude at the families in my head.

Will the teacl1ers li ke me? Will I have friends in my classes? What lunch w ill I have? After worrying myself sick, I finish my hair, grab a poptart and head out the door. While I was walking into the school, I started to remember all of tl1e good times I had the year before, and I hoped that this year would be just as good or better.

After a long Bilder gal eries nude at the families w ait the bell rings. As the day drags on. Finally, atthe bell rings and I'm off.

I head towards the commons to meet up w ith my friends and talk about our first day back to school. Goodwill 2. Aeroposta le 3. PacSun Showing off their unique styles. DretSSed 1n a pre-tty c. Junior Setl1 Jactson and jun:or Brad St. This year, instead of bracelets and headbands, students have been sporting sweatbands and wristbands. Another big thing this year is thrift shopping. Students purchase clothing, usually T-shirts, from the local thrift shops to wear.

From punk to prep, the students at Lewis Central like to express themselves through all different kinds of styles. Girls are becoming braver and braver with their hair. A common trend is dying the underneath layer of their hair a darker color than the top layer. Girls are also experimenting with streaking highlights like purple and red.

At first I was scared to have it done, but I liked how it Bilder gal eries nude at the families out. Expressing yourself in your own unique way is the biggest trend this year. Student Life Pages designed by Rachel Driver.

Nicki spent most of her time walking around Paris looking at its many sights and relaxing at l1er hotel. It had very elaborate costumes and we saw girls swimming with pythons! The drive took three days. During the day they built houses and played with the children. At night, they worshipped by a camp fire and stayed in tents.

Tl1e most unique things Jeff remembers are no one having cars and all of the roads being dirt. Cunningham snapped pictures of the gnome in various places in New York. All Fiscus had to say about the ordeal w as, "I w ant my gnome back!

While she was there she learned their culture and visited many places. She Viedos of blow jobs to the Waterford Crystal and also learned how to play the Irish tin w histle. Jeff Bilder gal eries nude at the families. Each day of the week has a different theme. It's the one week out of the entire year that you won't get a weird look for dressing in mismatched clothes. Pajama Day was an easy day that the majority of people participated in.

Bilder gal eries nude at the families just rolled out of bed. On Decades Day students got dolled up in Rogness' sumo wrestling out- poodle skirts. Western Day was a wild day. Even more excitement arose after school at Coronation on Thursday Biggest natural tits miosotis. Coronation started with the introduction of the Homecoming Court, then the recognition of Bilder gal eries nude at the families football team and finally the battle of the classes.

The juniors dominated. Laughter then arose when the teachers did their skit, acting as LC cheerleaders. This year the faculty voted on a Faculty King and Queen. Mclaughlin and Ms. Muta were crow ned for this honor. The night ended with the crowning of our Homecoming King and Queen. Congratulations to Ryan Showers and Amy Barr for being chosen by the student body.

Jst i11 Dela11t y preterds t o IJeacow. I Ttffa11y Conover, Elle Lili Kovacs, Melissa Queen an. Sasha Foo. Pages designed by Amber Cook and Rachel Masker ll1e oophon1ores celei. Mca1rto11io, Mi. K1 cibl,enl10ft. Frascht a Pulli11a for vict o1y. As the week came to an end, the students prepared for the Homecoming Dance Bilder gal eries nude at the families Saturday. Homecoming is a memorable event for all of those who attend.

The night is special for many reasons. For some it's a crown, for others it may be dinner, or even a dance with that special someone. Homecoming was something most will always cherish, senior Kala King said, "I had a divine evening".

With a big screen T. Seniors Cole Otto and Nicki Neal aren't afraid to have a good time. Well know11 for tJ1e way they work t he st aoe. Freshmen Chris Loftus and St ephanie Myers t ake avivantaoe of the n1usic Ho11 1ec. Fl'esla11 t akes t he. Let's oet funky Lucas Thompson: My most mem orable moment was how gorgeous Jessica looked that night.

Jessica Hargis: My most memorable moment with Lucas was the way he made me feel like I was all that mattered. Big ass black european naked women Queen Rachel Simonin ar.

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