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My wife and I are in our late forties and had been happily married for the past twenty years. We met after college and had built a very nice life together.

We are extremely open with one another, and when it comes to sex we know we can share our most inner desires with each other. Over the years our sex life had been nothing but fantastic. I think we can safely say that we had built a mutual trust between us that is unwavering. It had been about a year ago when my wife came to me one night Bipasa basu pussy lic pic said, "I need to tell you something, but you got to promise you won't get mad at me.

Please don't be mad at me? I had to admit it caught me a bit off guard because she had never approached this subject before. I had no idea this had been a desire of hers, and I knew my own cock was nothing special. We had talked previously about wife sharing and swinging, but never got to the point on actually following through on it.

I am an open person and respect My wife only wants huge dick wife's ideas, and there was no way I would My wife only wants huge dick be mad her for sharing such a desire with me. I shouldn't had mentioned it," she replied back. My wife only wants huge dick actually want to hear more about your fantasy! I masturbated several times to the thought of a younger guy ravishing my body with his huge cock to the point I nearly pass out.

Maybe it has something to do with me getting older, or it could have something to do with Sheila from the office. She brags all the time how well-endowed her hubby is and how great there sex life is because of it. She told me I needed try a big cock just one time and see what a difference it makes. She said her orgasms are off the charts and he wears her out to the point of exhaustion. I just can't get the thought of it out of my mind. Feel how damp my panties are?

They were extremely wet, and I hadn't seen her this aroused in years. I My wife only wants huge dick to admit it made me extremely aroused My wife only wants huge dick the thought of her wanting a young man with an enormous cock just added to my arousal. I laughed out and said, "Wow! You are quite aroused! I bet you would love a big cock right now.

I know you wouldn't understand? Why don't you actually go for it? I am open to the idea if you are," I then said to her. My wife shook her head from side to side and said, "I don't know if I could go through with it. I am hoping that over time it will just disappear and life will be normal again.

Over the next several months my wife and I began to role play it out in the bedroom. She would pretend she was taking on a young stranger with a big cock even though my cock was just barely average in My wife only wants huge dick. It was still good enough for her, and she would cry out into powerful orgasms every time we played it out.

I mentioned along the way that I was more than open to the idea of her being with a young stud, but she still wasn't at the point of giving it a try. A few more months had passed, and the talk of her being shared with a guy with a big cock had nearly subsided. I basically had given up on the idea and the excitement of role playing it out in the bedroom had dwindled down to nothing. Then one night after making love she quietly said, "I think I am ready to do it. Ready for what?

What suddenly brought this on? I am also getting older and this Oral sex in buon me thuot be my last shot of experiencing my fantasy," she replied back. I was truly excited and told her that in the morning that I would look for a suitable gentleman who could give her a fantasy of a lifetime.

I began to articulated several ideas in my mind and I could hardly sleep that night. The next morning after about an hour or so of sleep I got up and grabbed the camera. I began to take a few shots of her while she lay there vulnerable on the bed with a small amount of clothing on.

She began to get into it as she gave me several seductive poses with just long t-shirt on. I wanted to see more of her and a few minutes later she began to lift up the long t-shirt that covered her beautiful body. My wife's breasts are all natural and good size and I took several shots of them exposed.

My wife only wants huge dick then slid her panties down just enough to show off her gorgeous ass. She looked extremely hot just My wife only wants huge dick there exposed and my cock began to harden. A short time later I got onto my computer and went to a well-known site for personals. I posted a brief description on what we were looking for, along with a few seductive pics of her. I gave them just enough of a view of her lovely body to get their attention.

I said that my wife had this long time fantasy of being taken by a young man with a huge cock and if anyone wanted to help her out with her fantasy to contact me. I then went off to work that morning with a huge hard on, and I couldn't wait to get home later that evening. I was extremely aroused all day long and when five came I couldn't get home quick enough. Later My wife only wants huge dick evening I was surprised to see several responses in my email.

I quickly went through a few of them and was quite impress with what I had received. Several of Nude girls porno images adored my wife's beautiful body and loved how natural her body was for a woman of her age. Over the My wife only wants huge dick few days I responded back to the ones that showed the most interest. There were several that just wanted to be with an older married woman like my wife, but other's just wanted to fuck her good and hard.

I had a tough choice ahead of me and I began to narrow down my list. I kept my wife out of all of the decision making, and I wanted this to be a surprise for her. I My wife only wants huge dick to find that particular guy who I thought could bring out the woman in her and make her fantasy everything she had ever wanted. They South indian bikini girls had With her wet pussy own attributes, but I finally settle on one guy in particular.

There was something about Chris that had caught my attention from the beginning. He My wife only wants huge dick good looking and certainly was very well-hung, but it was his attitude that I liked most. He had a charisma of wanting to take control and make my wife his own personal slut. I don't know why I loved his personality so much, but he had my cock raging with excitement.

Chris was almost twenty years younger than my wife and worked in construction. He had broad shoulders and a small waist. He stood over six foot tall and his body was extremely sculptured. His love of dominating a married woman like my wife was the biggest part My wife only wants huge dick why I was so drawn to him. Chris and I chatted over the next few nights and decided that all three of us should get together one night for drinks.

He was extremely enthusiastic about meeting my wife and the age difference certainly wasn't a problem for him. He wanted to make sure that it would be My wife only wants huge dick him and my wife. He wasn't into any weird stuff and I made it clear to him that I was only there to observe. He also said he was disease free and doesn't like to use a condom. I was too excited to object and a few nights later my wife and I met him at a local establishment.

My wife My wife only wants huge dick he seemed to hit it off almost immediately and we decided to meet that coming weekend. We met at a small motel off the beaten path. I texted Chris with the room number and we waited patiently for him to arrive. My wife sat on the bed nervously, but also with a great deal of excitement. This was quite a big experience for the both of us and we were now in unchartered waters. I just hoped that this night goes as planned and it something she will remember for a long time to come.

It had been almost twenty minutes later when Chris knocked at the door. He was all business walking in and instantly took control of the situation from the start just like I had imagined. His tone of voice had changed substantially since we last met him and he began to bark out orders to my wife, "I want to see those beautiful tits!

I sat quietly off to the side extremely excited as my wife unclasped the back of her bra. She laid it down on the dresser and stood before him. Her tits looked fantastic and Chris immediately told her how Sexy black girls showing ass he loved them. My wife spun around and turned her ass back towards him. She slowly slid her pants down and Chris got a good look at her nicely curved ass. She stood there in just her panties and that was when Chris said to her, "Slide those panties up in between the cheeks of your ass.

Bend over and show it to me! My wife bent slightly forward and she pushed her beautiful ass back towards him. I am going to fuck you so good and hard tonight with my big cock! That ass is so special. Take those panties off!

She stood before him vulnerable and exposed and Chris stared deeply My wife only wants huge dick her lovely naked body.

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