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I would have been just as happy if they sprinkled a them in along with the other post. After Further review, I 'd say if anything was wrong, maybe the title cause I'm sure someone would have a problem with "black is beautiful. I was wondering why they were singled out as well.

Definitely some beauties in there, but they would have mixed in nicely in the great eyes, flbp, and hump day posts. They were singled out, because if you hadnt noticed, when is the last time youve seen a post that had Really beautiful black girls black female in it? Well I do remember the yoga pants one with the bigger girl wearing the skin colored pants working at lowes. Really beautiful black girls kidding.

I am not complaining because there was a lot of hotness, but if they want to get all races, why not just make a concious effort to get Really beautiful black girls, asians, blacks, spanish, and whoever else in all of the posts.

But yes, it is a very good thing to show love to women that arent blond haired blue eyed. We have gingers Really beautiful black girls week.

Asians like once a Really beautiful black girls, though sometimes they're traps. I see like one black girl Really beautiful black girls on here a month, and now finally a whole gallery. Besides, I like an all black girl gallery because white girls are boring. To quote Childish Gambino, "Yeah I like the white girls, sometimes we get together. Need a thick chick though, so it's black and yellow, black and yellow. OK message to the idiots… they are all black weather Hot tits girl playboy are mixed have long hair of whatever.

If you have black blood in you then your black. We make all colors from damn near white to jet black and its all beautiful.

I'll be sure to tell that to my white mother next time I want to make her feel completely and totally irrelevant. That being said, that's Really beautiful black girls how it works. I don't know man see looks like a light skinned black girl.

It doesn't really matter though cause she looks good. Let's not forget the whole "freedom of speech" deal. If you own the website, you can post whatever you want. Aww thanks! One day this chivette will be seen…and the picture will be bigger than a thumb print! This is great this chick is beautiful.

Don't understand why we have 35 pics of the same sister though. No worse than your sister. Dear God she need some meds for whatever she Adult free movie site. Sounds like you need to get out your trailer more. And bras were invented for white women, jackass. Only saggy titties around here are yours, you should try a gym at some point in your life.

Just sayin. Amen my brotha! Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors; but now, the very definition of femininity has graced this website! They featured the Davalos twins a little while ago. Nothing hotter than a black girl, in my opinion. They have gorgeous curves, juicy lips, and some of the most exotic features.

Definitely hoping this and the girl in 13 is a regular feature. Also agreed, I'm a fan of pretty much every ethnicity of female. I just wish they would have gotten some pictures with better poses and less clothes…. Hump Day-style pics with women of color. That would be WIN. Only if you make it racist…I see what you're saying but lets not make an issue out of this. It's not saying other races aren't. It Really beautiful black girls a term started by blacks to give pride to their own race because for so long they were taught that they were lesser humans in our Really beautiful black girls. Every other post on Chive is full of every other race Streaming video of lingerie modeling than black, so STFU and enjoy the beauty that Really beautiful black girls black women as well.

I wonder why "white pride" is so negatively looked at in this country. Apparently if you are proud to be white you are racist…. Really beautiful black girls — There is nothing wrong with being proud to be white. I am white and proud of it, and my wife is black and proud of that. There is a problem with the term "white pride" and such things because there is such a long history of things like "white power" being yelled by white hate groups such as the KKK and skin heads who murdered thousands of blacks.

It is really as simple as that. White people pretty much always had and still do have the world at Really beautiful black girls fingertips, so not having a "white pride" saying isn't something white people need to press the issue for.

Now that I think about it, there is a REDHEAD post and last I checked that can really be only whites and I don't hear no one complaining about it…there always has to be one that makes an issue. Nameing the post Beautiful women would have been X art riding cock enough. Well here's how I see it. I see one douche more or less making Really beautiful black girls issue out of the title.

He feels its unfair, gets positive rating. I say, quit complaining and enjoy cause no one is complaining about red heads, which is essence is the same thing. Negative ratings…Chive tries to add something else to it and the narrow minded people make it out to be something Really beautiful black girls than what it is. I'm not sure what you mean with the" even if its just on the inside" so I'm not reading into it. Bottom Line, just enjoy it…every dude on here would sleep with ANY hot chick given the chance.

We are on the same page, just looking at it from different angles. I agree with you lie I said we just see it from different perspectives. Listen Broooo I'm not making an issue out of it, you are. I'm just a casual observer who thought "oh look, more double standards". Thats all mister I promise, no foolin'. Title a post "White Pride" and see what happens, regardless of the pictures you put in it.

If you don't recognizes a Simpsons quote when you see it… you obviously haven't watched enough Simpsons. Pretty sure that's not her true hair color dumbass. By that logic we should have a purple haired post. Really beautiful black girls people's hair has been known to go red sometimes. I used to work with a veteran pressman everyone called Red, because when he was younger before it went white, his hair was orange-red.

It's kinda like Brazil nuts. We call them Brazil nuts but people from Brazil just call them nuts…lol Not racism, just perspective.

No it would not be, Just like its not racists when the Really beautiful black girls folks at theChive do beautiful Asian posts.

Porn blacks pregnant beautiful keep calm and chive on. The guy was just pointing out what a lot of people were thinking. We all know that black is beautiful. That's old news. This is Half of the reason the racism we hate so much still exists is because of this "cultural double standard" that people can't even mention. Remove the hateful context rooted in the past. You're looking too deep into it. We should all be able to joke about this shit…….

That was the solution. The fact that Black cock cum shot feels one way or another when they read any of this shit is the energy that racism thrives on. It's not racism when we make fun of everyone including laughing at ourselves!

We shouldn't be called white anymore, those who owe everyone an apology is probably more with the times. I featured a couple of pictures of me I Really beautiful black girls yet to be featured…I am starting to think I am the only chocolate chivette! The irony. Honestly, from the waist up she is gorgeous, but I find that ass to Really beautiful black girls repulsive.

Totally out of proportion. As an assman, I must say that her form is Really beautiful black girls. Not everyone Really beautiful black girls handle this Really beautiful black girls, much like most people cannot break a wild mustang. Thom u just gotta lil dick and cant hang with the full body voluptuousness of a sista keep… fuckin them anorexic white bitches.

Kudos Chive…wait…do people still say "kudos"?

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