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Over the last five decades, women have Sexy superhero women naked taking on more protagonist roles in comics, cartoons, movies and, well… life. Since men are very visual creatures it is only natural to make these women very appealing to them. If comic books were jammed with Super Hero ugly chicks, guys would probably never buy them.

Slap a sexy woman in charge on the cover of an Xmen comic and there is one more reason for men to grab a copy. Time has given guys many beautiful female super heroes to fantasize about, so the following document I Sexy superhero women naked you twenty one female super heroes you most likely wouldn't kick out of bed.

Laurie Jupiter is not actually the first Silk Spectre, but the second — Sexy superhero women naked first being her mother, Sally. Although quite liberal minded, Silk Spectre II did not originally want to be a superhero, but was forced down that path by her mother. Not wanting to be a superhero did Sexy superhero women naked stop Silk Spectre II from becoming well trained, however, and she has proven herself to be an extremely capable and skilled vigilante.

Real Name: Princess Adora Kidnapped by the Horde as a baby to do Sexy superhero women naked Horde's bidding, Princess Adora does not realize her birthright as She-Ra until she encounters her brother He-Man in an alternate dimension, where he was captured. The siblings do not recognize each other, as He-Man's mind and all those in his dimension home had been erased of her memory.

The sword that He-Man carries with him, however, draws Adora to it. Seeing the Sorceress in the sword one of the only people that still hold memory of her as a childAdora recognizes her heritage and frees He-Man from captivity.

Finally able to go home, Adora realizes that her rightful place is with the people she has come to know Sexy superhero women naked the Horde's rule and returns to join the cause in freeing them. Of all the super heroes that exist, I've seen just about all of them as Halloween costumes, but I've never seen Sexy superhero women naked. Maybe I was more focused on the candy instead of the costumes back in the 80's to have actually noticed.

If you are a costume manufacturer out there, please make us a She-Ra costume! Real Sexy superhero women naked Karen Starr Another Kryptonian, the extremely athletic Power Girl possesses the power of increased stamina, strength, x ray vision and super speed.

Although she left Krypton at roughly the same time Superman did, she took much longer to arrive on earth. Power Girl was once a member of the Birds of Prey, but leaves Sexy superhero women naked group when a rift grows between her and the Oracle, the Birds of Prey leader. A formidable opponent in her own right, Power Girl is a critical part of the Justice Society, where she becomes chairwoman after the former leader Sexy superhero women naked. Better known to the mutant community as "Rogue", she has the ability to absorb thoughts, memories, knowledge, and superhuman powers.

Unfortunately, this leaves her strictly, "look but don't touch", since prolonged skin to skin contact usually leaves the other person severely weakened, in a coma or dead. For this reason, Rogue is most often seen in a neck to toe, skin tight and gloved body suit, as so to minimize the chances of inadvertently harming someone.

Her superpowers — enhanced strength, speed and agility — were given to her when the previous slayer died, 'activating' the innate ability in her. While Slayers don't normally last very long, Buffy has survived and stopped several apocalypses, defeated dozens of truly terrifying demons, and has even survived death twice.

She is a unique Slayer, as her rebellious nature and kind heart has helped her to forge lifetime friendships, something that is key in helping her survive and rise above the challenges that the underworld has thrown her not to mention her keen fashion sense and sense of humour. A lot. This super powered cheerleader was made famous with one phrase: "Save the cheerleader, save the world".

She led a fairly normal life in Odessa, Texas, before her abilities attracted attention that put her — and her family — in mortal danger. Adopted at a very young age under mysterious circumstances, this high school cheerleader has the evolved human ability to heal at an extremely rapid pace — even from fatal wounds. Real Name: Kitty Pryde Kitty Pryde is a mutant who discovers her mutant abilities as a young teenager. Originally approached by two warring factions of the mutant war, she chose to join up with the X-Men and was up to that point the youngest member to join.

Kitty, or Shadow Cat as she later becomes, possesses the ability to 'phase' through solid objects by altering the speed at which her atoms move. In addition to her mutant powers, Kitty is also an extremely adept at applied sciences, and possesses skill in hand to hand combat. However, after being caught in an explosion caused by an extra-terrestrial device from the Kree speciesshe gains the superhuman that enable her to become Ms. After surviving a series of struggles with alien races, alternate dimensions, and being attacked by the X-Men Rogue, Carol Danvers finally joins, and leads, the Avengers.

Orphaned at a young age in Cairo, Egypt, Ororo, who later becomes known as Storm, has the ability to control the weather. As a child, Storm learns the art of thievery, and later becomes a rain goddess to an African tribe in the Serengeti.

Although she becomes a strong leader for the X-Men, Storm has been portrayed as having trouble adjusting to western culture for example, not understanding why she needs to cover herself in a public bathand eventually leaves the X-Men when she marries Black Panther, King of Wakanda, and becomes Queen. Real Name: Sue Storm Sue Storm was on a space mission when she was exposed to high amounts of cosmic radiation that gave her superhuman powers.

Sue is able to create force fields around her, and anyone near here, as well Sexy superhero women naked bend light particles around her so that she becomes "invisible".

Although Sue likely has the hardest time of all the Fantastic Four coping with Sexy superhero women naked powers, she becomes instrumental to the team and steps in as leader in times where Mr.

Fantastic Reed Richards is unable to do so himself. Possessing the powers of super strength, enhanced speed, flight, and the ability to force people to tell the truth Sexy superhero women naked her magic 'lasso'Wonder Woman remains one of the most sexist Sexy superhero women naked iconic super heroines of all time. Real Name: Kate Kane Although Batwoman lacks any real superpowers, like Batman, she is a skilled fighter and uses technology to enhance her physical combat.

Kate Kane is perhaps one of the most controversial female superheroes in existence, as it was recently revealed that she is a lesbian. Real Name: Selena Kyle Usually pictured as donning a skin tight, black leather outfit, this feline is one of Bruce Wayne's on again, off again girlfriends.

Real Name: Elektra Natchios Elektra Natchios is a rare superhero in that her 'powers' are mainly attributed to her extreme skill as a ninja. While Elektra does not have any super abilities, she has naturally enhanced her physical form to the point that her movement and reflexes seem superhuman. Her weapon of choice tends to be the Japanese Sai, but she is also skilled in hand to hand combat, use of the katana, throwing knives, and Sexy superhero women naked. Although she is in love Sexy superhero women naked Matt Murdock also known as Daredevil her tendency toward violence and her lust for the mercenary lifestyle keep the two apart.

Real Name: Natasha Romanoff Originally a soviet spy, Natasha Romanoff or Natalia Romanova eventually defects to the United States after learning secrets regarding her country's past, her involvement in it and how they manipulated her. She is well trained as an assassin and is an accomplished fighter, Kristina and karissa shannon nude well as a weapons specialist.

Her form fitting black suit often comes well equipped and allows her to climb walls. Although she technically does not have a superpower, her special training combined with her adept use of the latest in cutting edge technology leaves her as a force to be reckoned with.

After her parent's mysterious disappearance as a child, Jessica was recruited into an elite crime syndicate, Hydra, where she was trained as a highly skilled assassin. Later realizing that the life that she led with Hydra was a lie, Jessica defects and becomes a double agent for Nick Fury, where she joins the Avengers and uses her powers of seduction for the greater good.

She is often considered one of the most powerful mutants in Sexy superhero women naked, as her ability manipulates probability and allows her to alter Sexy superhero women naked. She is also depicted as one of the most unstable mutants, as Sexy superhero women naked dangerous lifestyle and many heartbreaks leave Wanda in constant emotional turmoil.

Her innocent nature gives her the best of intentions, although it's often left to interpretation if the results are positive or negative. Jean first manifests her mutant power as a young girl, telepathically linking with a friend as she dies.

While the shock leaves Jean in a coma, it also brings Professor X into her life, who suppresses part of her power so that she could learn how to grow into it 'naturally'. Later however, while the X-Men are attempting to come back to earth from space on a damaged ship, intense radiation from landing causes this block to break, and Jean emerges as the Phoenix.

Although not a superhero, Lara Croft's love for adventuring and danger put her in many precarious situations. She is often seen as a headstrong and extremely confident, and also extremely fun-loving — almost an adrenaline junkie.

She is also of British decent and speaks with a strong English accent. Lara is extremely proficient with almost any type of gun, and is almost always pictured as duel-wielding matching handguns.

Although technically older than her cousin, her ship was caught in a kryptonite meteor and was suspended for years until she finally managed to make it to earth.

Now, she has all the abilities that Sexy superhero women naked does — super human strength, speed, stamina, super vision and lung capacity. In fact, observers note that in many cases, Super Girl actually appears to be stronger and more powerful than Superman himself. Real Name: Emma Frost Emma Frost Sexy superhero women naked the leader of the elite Hellfire Club after discovering a plot to wipe out all mutants by former leaders. Defeating them, she is known as the White Queen, due to her frosty and often distant demeanour, and is reported to be one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet.

After surviving a genocidal attack on her home with the help of the famous mutant group the X-Men, Emma joins the X-Men and eventually becomes their leader after Charles Xavier steps down as their head.

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