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Nash Grier, an online star who became Cameron dallas and nash grier vines in just 6 seconds through his talent of creating and editing videos, which he began uploading to Cameron dallas and nash grier vines in early Nash Grier is 21 years old. Nash has a half-sister called Skylynn Elizabeth Floyd, who has also become an internet sensation.

Nash often includes Skylynn in many of his videos. He also has two brothers, Hayes, who is two years younger, and an older sibling, Will Grier. Hayes is also an internet sensation. Nash prefers dogs to cats. When Nash first joined YouTube back in Novemberhe gainednew followers every week.

In MarchTime also named Nash as one of the Sluty women here in manisa thirty most influential people on the internet. Nash Grier has stated several times that he is against gay rights and gay marriage, when many of his fans disagreed with him, he apologized for what he said. He used the hashtag NashHasCrispy to help spread the word. Nash is very interested in traveling the world; he finds other cultures interesting and wants to meet his fans all over the world.

In JulyCameron dallas and nash grier vines Grier visited Hawaii for the first time. In an interview with The Viewhe said his mother sometimes films some of his Vines. Nash says the best thing about meeting a fan in person, is the fact that he can actually put a face to an account. If Nash could work on a film with anyone he would choose Leonardo DiCaprioas he says he is a great role model for him.

The Fact Site requires you to enable Javascript to browse our website. Entertainment Celebrities. His full name is Hamilton Nash Grier. He was raised by his mother Elizabeth Floyd and his father Chad Floyd. Nash and his father run 26MGMT, a celebrity and talent management company. By the age of only 5, Skylynn had over 1 million followers on Vine. He is very close to all his family. Nash is 6 foot tall 1. Nash was attending the Davidson Day School when the Vine app was released.

They lived in LA for 9 months until they were evicted. He uses Google Adsense to monetise his videos on YouTube. He is well known for his hashtag Notaracist Nash loves hip-hop and pop music. Nash does not like ketchup. His celebrity crush is Jennifer Lawrence. In created Vines for Sonic — which helped increased his online popularity.

Nash Grier often says that his intentions were never to earn money from Vine. NashsNewVideo often trends on Twitter — mainly when he uploads a new video. Nash says he can sometimes spend hours, or even days to make the perfect video. Nash is a Christian and even has a Bible app on his iPhone. Nash quit Magcon in early as he felt like it was limiting his future Cameron dallas and nash grier vines. His official twitter account Cameron dallas and nash grier vines Nashgrier.

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