I'm very shy about showing Do you wear shiny pantyhose. I feel naked if I don't put on like three layers of clothing Girl spreads her ass cheeks. I never wear underwear with sheer nude tights. The gusset is more than enough :.

Low quality brands tend to fall down. Also try to pick the right size for your body. Yes I do, some ballet schools prefer their girls not wearing any, but sometimes the girls can suffer from that decision. Like I said, its more hygienic and safe and it does not hinder you when you dance.

The underwear I usually prefer is brazilians or thongs. Like I said, some school prefer their girls not to wear them but every school I've danced at preferred it that way. I think three layers of fabric is just too much.

Some brands have really thick gussets, though so they don't require an extra undergarment most of the time. Ivory02 Bikinis and Grannies!! HUGE difference! Period thing, or just a mood thing? Personally, I like her comfort, mostly! Sometimes "grannies" can be kind of cute! Its sort of both. I did it couple of Do you wear shiny pantyhose with nude pantyhose and mini skirt combo.

I felt insecure :. I would suggest you buy a few pairs for winter and combine them with chic dresses and boots. You will look great in them :. I dont own any dresses or dressy boots either. Looks like my wardrobe needs an update lol. I know it shows but I wear my regular underwear. Isn't it uncomfortable wearing a thong or do you get used to it over time?

I got used to them over time so much that I Big brother nude boobs ditched my usual cut panties :. FauxGirlNikki : yep, it is more comfy. I hope this isn't too personal to ask but what do you do when you have your period?

Yep I sometimes prefer not to wear undies especially when I wear sheer nude pantyhose. It's exciting :. Moonchild id only wear it if in gng to my man's house Do you wear shiny pantyhose if he is coming mines not in a reg ahaha cuz undis are more comfortable to weat. Here in the U. If you go to a funeral, do you think all women have naturally black legs regardless of race?

Do you think all strippers are 18? My questions could go on but I cba. Share Facebook. Girls, do you wear Do you wear shiny pantyhose with pantyhose? Add Opinion. Xper 7. They always seem to sag. Ugh drives me mad. When I wear a dress or skirt I usally wear shorts under. Maybe you should try some quality brand that don't sag.

You get the runs. Maybe laying off the Mexican will help. I just don't like the feeling of that gusset touching the v-jay area :. If I put on a pantyhose, I wear my skimpiest underwear like a thong underneath. I have also done it without. Same with me. I just hate having some extra material Anime girl tit fuck my pantyhose. BigDog Xper 5. I'm firmly against women wearing underwear at all.

I love the sexiness of a lady being commando, especially under a skirt or dress. Sign Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Can men wear skinny jeans with these boots? What do guys prefer on a girl? Pants or a skirt? Sort Girls First Guys First. I treat tights like trousers except Do you wear shiny pantyhose can see through them. I don't consciously decide to wear a Do you wear shiny pantyhose while wearing them, I always wear whatever seems to be the nicest and comfiest panties in my draw at that time.

The only time I do decide to wear a thong is right after shaving my lady parts, it's like me indicating to my husband that he should get it while it's hot metaphor for me asking him to appreciate my smooth area before it gets stubbly again. Pantyhose are awfully uncomfortable and never stay up Do you wear shiny pantyhose. I use hold ups, they're also much more practical when you need the toilet :p As for underwear, I usually wear boy shorts.

I have no other option other than pantyhose to wear with mini skirts. I wore a thong with Do you wear shiny pantyhose when I wore pantyhose. I prefer wearing stockings now. What is the difference? I thought they were Do you wear shiny pantyhose same? Yes, I mean garter stockings. Show All Show Less. Which are thigh high Do you wear shiny pantyhose hose? Sawyerblu Xper 5.

Always, although sometimes I wear my underwear on the outside to keep the pantyhose from falling throughout the day. WispyThought Xper 4. I wear underwear with my stockings, as a ballet dancer we're taught that it's more hygienic that way. You wear underwear with stockings and leotard? Of course. It is ok as long as you feel alright :. Always I feel weird not wearing them under hose coz I don't like the feel of hose built in undies. Ivory02 Xper 4. Nope sure don't. I like to be comfortable so either the bikini underwear or granny pannies is what I will wear.

Thongs are more comfy. Try them :. No I'm to the point where no panties no bra is my jam though so my preference is no undergarments period.

I always do. Thongs or classic underwear? Minnie97 Xper 6. I dont wear pantyhose so this question isn't really relevant to Do you wear shiny pantyhose. Girl, get out of your cave :. Neykie09 Xper 1. Sometimes I do sometimes I don't. Okay most of the time I do. I have gone commando a few times and did not feel uncomfortable at all. Yeah me too, as long as that gusset material is thick enough :.

I always have underwear on when wearing tights pantyhose.

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