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She plants the sole of her dirty leather boot on his cock and demands that he squeeze out every inch of cum. Facesitting spitting domination video allows him to expedite things by the aid of his hand, but reminds him he will be cleaning up his mess.

The Facesitting spitting domination video does end up producing a big load She makes him lick the mess off her dirty footwear. Turning Facesitting spitting domination video boy into a frustrated mess as she edges and teases their bound cock's with vibrators brings great pleasure to Mackenzie. Cumming should never be easy on the slave as she loves to Facesitting spitting domination video him suffer before he gets the chance to relieve all that built up pressure.

Princess Mackenzie jumps on the bound boy's face and rides his mouth making sure she gets her orgasm before he is allowed is a single one. The slave is finally allowed to blow his load by the grace of his Owners hand giving him one last orgasm before his cock gets locks right into chastity. Cocks are never allowed to be free in the house of Princess Mackenzie and she makes sure they never are.

Today she catches the little kitchen mouse in action. After yelling at him and a little fat shaming she leaves. After the lashing and feeling even worse about Facesitting spitting domination video life, he sneaks back into the fridge, this time Facesitting spitting domination video for the cheese. He is so small compared to the Facesitting spitting domination video and can barely handle one! The little slave is all locked up in a pink chastity.

This clip contains a bonus Natalya human ashtray clip! The good slave is allowed to worship her beautiful breasts and body whilst the bad slave is locked in chastity, teased and humiliated mercilessly. This cumulates in him orally fluffing the other slave, making good slave's cock hard for Mistress to fuck, right over bad slave's face.

This is the ultimate incentive to improve his behaviour in the future! Mistress then holds the camera and the sissy is guided to suck the alpha slave's cock as she is berated and told about her new cuckold life, finally making the cock shoot in the sissy slut's mouth. Mariella caught wind that Aubrey was a decent wrestler so the veteran decided to challenge her. Now Mariella is much taller than Aubrey, and possesses more skill, but Aubrey makes up for it in strength and endurance.

Aubrey was fine tuned and ready to go. Aubrey was dressed in her little black thong and lace bra, while Mariella sported her spandex pants and bra. As they begin, Aubrey easily throws Mariella off guard, Facesitting spitting domination video in Facesitting spitting domination video blink of an eye had her pinned down in a schoolgirl pin.

Mariella was in complete shock, realizing that her much smaller opponent was stronger than she looked. Now Mariella struggles beneath Aubrey, but to no avail there was no escape. Aubrey swiftly spins into reverse, locking on a straight leg scissor. She teases and taunts Mariella telling her to slap her ass if she wants out. Moving into a long punishing figure four, Mariella already looked completely finished.

Aubrey squeezed the energy from her larger opponent quite quickly. After a lot Facesitting spitting domination video taps Aubrey tolls to her side keeping Mariella locked tight between her legs. Aubrey was now getting cocky and confident telling Mariella if you want me to release the scissor tap with your feet. Aubrey gets right into domination mode now. Mariella is left gasping for air, as Aubrey rolls to her back, then to her side, before rolling back on top of Mariella.

Aubrey rolls to her side and uses a few more scissors before jumping into reverse. She decided to give Mariella a dose of Facesitting spitting domination video in the face punishment as she slides back and sits on her face. Struggling under her, Mariella taps to the reverse facesits. With little energy to fight it Mariella complies as Aubrey gets her in a standing headscissor.

Aubrey then faces backwards now and uses a straight leg scissor with Mariella still on her knees. Then Aubrey just falls to her side, applying the scissor bringing the pain to Mariella. There was no escape for her, as Aubrey dominated and humiliated her on the mats.

Now Aubrey sets up All bollywood actress xxx pic Facesitting spitting domination video pin and looks down at the weak Mariella barely able to move. Without notice Aubrey then facesits Mariella and buries her face in her crotch over and over. Mariella knew she had no choice but to give up, as Aubrey asked her if she quits, there was no hesitation and she verbally admits defeat.

With a big smile on her face Aubrey kept Mariella between her thighs as she looks up and flexes smiling victoriously. Their next round, Mariella better bring her A game if she stands any sort of chance beating Aubrey. Facesitting spitting domination video Jump to page:.

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