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Is it wrong for us to look at anything and desire it? Or does this mean something else? If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. There are many great truths in Scriptures that occur in only one or two passages. But the key is to understand what this phrase means.

But just as Paul withstood Peter to his face, sometimes we must confront the false teachings of other believers. Covetousness is a word that has to do with lust. If you study Romans Lust in her eyes seven Paul teaches that in the Bible.

So if we take his definition and understand Lust in her eyes Lust is, we can also understand what is not lust. Desiring something, whether it is our favorite food, or perhaps a car we want to buy, or a home we want to buy is not lust. That could be an appetite for food Lust in her eyes is out of control. That could be an appetite for fornication. That could be an Lust in her eyes for committing physical sins of pleasure with your body.

But I think many people fail to understand that there is a difference between the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes. And just what is the lust of the eyes? Well, look down at your Bible in Proverbs chapter six as we are Inn between lounge pa strip clubs this in verse Now think about this for a moment.

Here God is saying not to lust after the beauty of a strange woman, of a wicked woman, of an evil woman. Now, beauty is a visual aspect. Ok, we are not talking about the flesh here. Patricia heaton fake nude celebrities are talking about the eyes. We are talking about a man lusting after the beauty of a woman.

That is what it says. Look Lust in her eyes at your Bible. Now, what is this talking about? This is where my disagreements with Pastor Anderson begin. Lust in the Scriptures is always a strong and insatiable desire to possess something, or someone that you could not possess, or should not possess.

Proverbs is NOT saying men have to walk with their eyes pointed at the ground every time they see a beautiful woman. It is not saying every time that a man sees a beautiful woman on television that he Lust in her eyes avert his eyes. Proverbs IS saying we are not to desire to possess the beauty of a wicked and loose woman whether she be a wayward wife or a prostitute. Can someone possess beauty? Do you realize some men marry women only for their outward beauty, knowing they may never have a close relationship, knowing the woman is a viper on the inside?

Whether it is the home they have, or perhaps their car, their furniture or artwork they have in their home. The right verse which he also mentions in his Lust in her eyes speaking to looking at evil things is from Lust in her eyes. So I have just argued that it is not a sin, and it is not lust simply to look at the beauty of a woman, even the beauty of a wicked woman.

Sin happens comes when we go from looking to lusting, when we have an insatiable to desire to physically possess the beauty of a woman that we have no right to. But Lust in her eyes are some things we should not even look at. An example would be pornography. We should not be looking at images that depict sexually immoral acts.

Another example might be Satanic books and books about sorcery and witchcraft we see in Acts that believers brought these kinds of books and burned them. Pastor Anderson talks Lust in her eyes nakedness but I am going to leave that for a separate upcoming post. I want to close this post by looking at his reference to Job And you are not going to look at women that are dressed indecent.

You are not going to look at these images that Hollywood and TV will portray for you. He says nothing about looking at images of women in his day it would have been paintings or sculptures. He does not state any of these things Pastor Anderson mentions. Such an idea would be ridiculous and we find no such example in the Scriptures. The fact is that nowhere in all of Scripture do we see the Bible condemning a man for simply looking at a woman. We also never see sexual arousal being condemned in Scripture.

What is condemned is lust, which is covetousness. It is what we do after we look, even after we may be aroused by the sight of a beautiful woman. Black beauty naked pics we begin to contemplate in our heads how we can get that Naika srabonti xxx pphotos to have sex with us outside of marriage?

We know that Job was NOT saying it was sin for him to be aroused by the beauty of a young woman. In fact it would not even be wrong if he wanted to marry a young woman. That leaves us with only one possibility of what Job was actually saying about his thoughts regarding young virgins:. He would not think about how to seduce a young virgin into having sex with him outside of marriage as so many men around him probably did. God was protecting women from men who would take advantage of them.

One of the many reasons God wants men and women to wait for sex in marriage, is so that a woman is protected, and any children that might come from her having sex would be protected and provided for. Lusting is not the same as looking — please remember that truth. Men are visual creatures, much more so than women typically are. As men, Lust in her eyes has given us our sexuality, and even our visual sexuality, as a gift.

No Christian man should be ashamed of the Lust in her eyes that he receives Lust in her eyes every time he sees a beautiful woman. Please here me out Christian man.

Examine the Scriptures for yourself. God did not give you your eyes and a male brain that is capable of appreciating and receiving pleasure from the sight of female beauty, only to tell you that you Lust in her eyes look away in shame every time you feel pleasure at the site of a beautiful woman. He did not give your eyes to appreciate only one woman, that being your future wife.

Not one passage of Scripture ever states this concept, no matter how many times Pastors repeat it over and over, and many Christian authors repeat this mantra in their marriage books.

As I have said multiple times on this site, God Lust in her eyes men as polygynous beings and that is why we are naturally attracted to a variety of women. I know that conflicts with our modern monogamous-only marriage society, but regardless, it is the truth.

Look at the articles on this site, detailing the polygyny of the Biblical patriarchs. In upcoming articles, I will address some of the other issues he raises such as the topic of nudity, mixed gender swimming, what we watch on TV and male gynecologists. Thanks for taking the time to read the article and commenting on it. I was wondering at some point if you would do an article on the other two sins that are in that passage. Yes I Lust in her eyes take a look at those two at some point.

Sounds good…. I should have clarified that when I sent you the linc. This whole Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage thing reminds us as believers of a very important truth. God created marriage — man did not. God created the parameters of marriage as well. With that said — if a man wants to risk jail and follow his right to have a polygynous marriage — then he can do so. I choose not to exercise that right, as well as many other Christian believers.

But I would not judge those who do and I know a few who do secretly exercise their right to polygynous marriage. My husband of 18yrs. Changed suddenly 9yrs. From loving, caring sexual life mate to zero sexual or intimacy. Yet he watches filthy pornography.

On movies with all anal sex. He masterbates himself while he inserts a rubber penis in his rectum. He has no interest in intercourse with me. I am so sorry to hear what happened with your husband. It sounds like he has an addiction to porn as well as he may be having homosexual fantasies. What he has done is wicked on many levels but his lack of sexual interest with you is grounds for divorce — this is very serious.

And if he do not these three Lust in her eyes her, then shall she go out free without money. The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife.

Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent Lust in her eyes a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and Dong maid cock milk and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency.

Your husband has defrauded you and failed to do his marital duty have sex with you. He has allowed himself to be Lust in her eyes by sinful addiction to pornography.

I would suggest seeking counseling with your Pastor and bringing this sin to light. If he will not repent and change his ways then you have every Biblical right to divorce.

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