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The src attribute identifies an image by a URL. The image defined by the URL is retrieved by the browser and inserted into the document when the page loads. This is the most straightforward, and is the only way to go if you want to link to an external image an image hosted on another site.

Hotlinking is sometimes just fine. For instance, in the above example we hotlinked an image from Wikimedia Commons. This is a Public Domain image hosted by a media provider. No problem. However, it can be a problem in certain circumstances. First of all, if the image in question is under copyright, and you do not have permission to use it, you may be in violation of copyright laws by hotlinking. Because you aren't actually putting the image on your site, there is a bit of a legal gray area here, Url- img.

link image- share. com nudism it is at least potentially a problem. Related to that, even if isn't illegal, it may be immoral or unethical if you know that the image owner does not want you to hotlink their pictures. Finally, if you don't control the hotlinked image, it might change. Sometimes this just happens because sites go down or get rearranged. However, sometimes a perturbed site owner will deliberately change an image in response to hotlinking.

Hotlinking to an image hosting service is just fine, and it's also reasonable to hotlink an image in a casual conversation on a forum or blog comment. But if an image is an integral part of your content even if the content is a link to the image's original sourceyou really should save the image to your own server. Protip: If you want to block others from hotlinking your images, you can do so with.

A relative URL does not include the domain name, and is relative to either the current page, or the current domain. If you begin with a slash, it will be relative to the domain. It is almost always the best idea to use source URLs which are relative to the domain, not the page. They will not break if the page content is moved or copied.

Additionally, when linking to images on your own site, it is almost always best to use relative URLs rather than absolute URLs. This way, the URLs won't break when you change domains which will happen automatically if you use a development or staging server in addition to your production one.

It is possible to encode content into a URI string. You then use the string as if it were a URL, and then the browser simply interprets it as if it were a file. It's weird and kinda neat:. You need a special encoding program to turn images or other files into Data URIs. The one above was created with this tool. Data URIs are not usually a great solution. Most meaningful images are going to create insanely long strings just see the example aboveand they actually don't load as fast as external files.

They do cut down on HTTP requests to the server, which you may or may not care about. They can also be useful in situations where external images Url- img. link image- share. com nudism not get loaded, such as in emails or in self-contained documents to be read offline. Each browser supports a slightly different set of image file types.

This used to be a serious problem for designers Internet Explorer would not display PNG files correctly until v8, and SVG wasn't supported until v9but most of those issues have calmed down as all the major browsers have basically caught up with each other.

However, that doesn't mean that image Url- img. link image- share. com nudism type doesn't matter. What matters, though, is — what kind of image is it? The kind of image Url- img. link image- share. com nudism you use should depend on what the content of the image is.

Here is some quick information about the most important image file formats:. New in HTML5 is an image attribute named srcset. This attribute is used to define a list of image source files, along Eva angelina cum tits sizing information, so that the browser can select the most appropriate option.

If the srcset image fails to load, or if the browser doesn't support srcsetthe src file will be selected instead. So Url- img. link image- share. com nudism is very important to always include the src attribute in your images.

HTML5 also created a new image element called [ ]. The Url- img. link image- share. com nudism is used in order to specify several different image designs not just sizes. Sharing is caring! Adam is a technical writer who specializes in developer documentation and tutorials. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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