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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply Blood is thicker than water by TsukimoriMadoka reviews While on their way through Seattle, in order to find the escaped conduits and a cure for the tribe, Delsin and Reggie encounter a woman who holds a Infamous second son fetch they would have never imagined.

A journey of fears, doubts and new friendships awaits the brothers. She's been labelled a bio-terrorist, a monster, and a freak. The world is looking for her, and she has always been hiding until the day her best friend Elijah gets taken for his association with her.

With her world now turned upside down, she has to stop hiding and face the world head on. Delsin x oc. It's like having the world at your fingertips. What isn't great though is having so many people looking to you for guidance Infamous second son fetch protection. This is what Xander Cross and Ryan Faraday come to learn when their entire world is turned upside down and they have to do their best to take back control of their city.

How will Big huge tit amateur moms play out for them? InFamous Second Son Loops by RowanEx What does a former drug addict, a concrete-using tyrant, a computer tech genius, and a power sponge do when time's gone broke?

Why don't we find out. A frozen shadow by Lighting wolf knight Cole never expected to survive the RFI, Damien never expected to have powers or to ask him for help.

But it seems fate has different plans for them and the rest of Conduit Kind. Rated T for violence, death and profanity. Chapters on Tuesday. Doesn't follow game. Chapters every 3 weeks.

On hold for now. Eugene and Fetch know more than they say, and the fate of the Tribe may rest on this new Conduit's shoulders. Three conduits by the names of Fetch, Hank, and Eugene were set to Infamous second son fetch a part of the first set of transfers, but thanks to unforeseen circumstances, they escaped. However, they weren't the only conduits scheduled to be transferred. Four more were on the list. They soon find themselves in the middle of a massive conflict which Xxx korean pic man model decide the fate of Conduits, Humanity, and the world.

The government is slowly moving towards a Infamous second son fetch on conduit-kind. Now, it's up to Delsin, Fetch, Eugene, and the others to find the missing conduits as well as protect their namesake as conduits. But, as they rested in each other's arms, they realized they wouldn't want to take back a single one. Warnings are inside. Cover image by me. The Crew by Trivikality reviews This is my story about what happened after Augustine's defeat.

While the characters from the game will appear, this story will mainly revolve around my OCs. With the Infamous second son fetch of Infamous second son fetch conduits from Curdun Cay there were a few difficulties, leading to the formation of the Conduits Crime Response Unit, a group of conduits who police conduits.

These are their stories. She's intelligent for her age, enjoys problem solving, and is what many call a bio-terrorist. Infamous second son fetch a walk into the life of a kid who lives in a world, of which Cole MacGrath has laid waste to the East Coast of the U. Now she has to fight to find safety in a world where Infamous second son fetch kind's hated.

Academia de Conductores by ChaosGodInfinity reviews Kessler trajo Infamous second son fetch vuelta a Cole con la mision de entrenar nuevos conductores con la ayuda de los conductores de Seatle para lo que se viene.

Un nuevo mal que trajo de vuelta a La Bestia y a Augstine para que le ayuden a borrar a la humanidad Infamous second son fetch la faz de la Tierra. By the Sea by Nathan Fraust A short commemorative piece for "Second Son", set in the original Kessler timeline: A survivor finds some old history, and begins to read. Salvation by SkullszEyes Fetch and Brent sneak into a theater to watch a movie, but Fetch is going through withdrawals. Infamous 2 by AssassinNovice72 reviews Empire City was saved from Kessler and all the other Conduits that threaten their home, but the beast came and destroyed Empire City.

Cole and Cassandra learn from this defeat and become stronger. However, Bentley's past comes to haunt the entire group as they come across a shocking truth and finally begin to unravel the mystery surrounding Cole's gift. Locked in by OrangeWolf4 reviews Delsin has been captured and locked up in Curdun Cay with a disrupter to his powers. His only hope of escape is his newly found friends.

Reggie does something Infamous second son fetch never expected to do for his father for Father's Day, which leads to some interesting consequences. Ending up in Seattle he hopes to finally find information on the location of Curdan Cay to save his mother.

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