Over 2 million leaders around the world are using them. A special course for people with a shepherd's heart. Special micro-studies sent out to inter-denominational leaders in many nations and free of charge - promoting unity Obc in irregular water bottom blessing.

You can help with the outreach. They take Biblical and Kingdom principles and make them practical for the purpose of fulfilling your destiny. Over cartoons to send to friends and acquaintances by mobile phone, ipad, Facebook etc. There are now many in different locations around the world. Illustrated Gospel Ads for downloading to use for evangelism in newspapers, magazines, bulletins etc.

Over - 5 minutes, Obc in irregular water bottom minutes, 40 minutes-teaching sessions on OBC's dedicated Youtube channel. Recruiting 20, students as keyboard missionaries to use iphones, ipads, PCs, Facebook to send out messages of the Gospel at least once a week.

Ministering through Asian Tribal Ministries to the needy ethnic peoples of Thailand and Burma - war orphans, widows and girls caught in human trafficking. Follow-up course of 12 lessons plus graphics for those responding to the Gospel. Join with Jordan Collins son of David and bring worship and praise to the Lord. God's praying people in nations join together for prayer for 5 minutes at 8 in the morning, 12 noon, and 8 in the evening - "". Click here for more information.

Ann is a graduate of OBC. Encouraging words from the Scriptures to build the faith of every believer as we go through the experiences of life. As we look out at the great needs in our world today, we join the Lord is His expression of love and concern for every individual whose life is very special to Him. All Rights Reserved. Obc in irregular water bottom 50, students around the world who are preparing their lives in the Lord's service to minister to a world in crisis.

I have really enjoyed the lessons so much since I started studying with OBC. I feel blessed to have your college. I Image fap mix of beautiful girls wanted to go to bible college for a long me. But with a family it was impossible and cost was so much. May God bless Obc in irregular water bottom work as you help Christians learn more about God.

I am now on a limited income because of my health. But I enjoy shared the word of God with people I come in contact daily. I can not hardly to get online and start studying. I spend as much time as I can each day studying. I have learned so much already. Obc in irregular water bottom thank God for the staff at OBC. I have started the bible courses,and I am in Love and hungry for the Word of God more than ever before.

The lessons are great,may you continue to spread the Gospel through your college. Thank God for OBC! May many more bible students get their training at no cost as we spread the knowledge of our God across the nations. I encourage anyone who is moved to learn about God's plan for His people, through the salvation plan of His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ to look into this program at the Online Bible College.

It is a very sound Christian education and teaches you much, much more than you can presently imagine. God's Holy Spirit works through these lessons and teaches you the ineffable truth. Let Him take you and lead Obc in irregular water bottom where He will take you. Give in gently and He will guide you. Don't rush.

Go at your own speed. I have been taking these courses with long breaks for many years. He moves me as is His will. He will do the same for you. He is your shepherd - just be a little sheep and follow along. You will hear Him calling you and telling you which way to go. Follow meekly. God bless all who read this and are moved to study.

Obc in irregular water bottom won't be disappointed. I just love OBC online study courses, I started the studies about weeks agoand it has been a life changing experince for me. Don't know how I really stumble online this great school, but I'm glad the Lord guilded me to this wonderful knowlege of the Gospel. I thank you and your Staff for a wonderful blessing gift you have giving me the learn more of Gods word.

God Bless you". I just finish my A passion for the word and the lesson were awsome and the test right to the poi7nt no games. I love this school, very easy to understand. Great knowledge of Obc in irregular water bottom word. Thank you for On-line Bible College. Have a Blessed Day.

The more I Study the more my focus is on God's will for my life. I enjoy every moment studying God's word. I Obc in irregular water bottom wanted to start a bible college but the classes would start in June, I just told my self to search for an online Bible college and God let me to OBC and it's been a wonderful experience.

When I was reading the book for Exodus, I did not understand somethings at a point when God told Moses to build the temple especially when God told him about the Linen, purple,scarlet, blue, I knew these colors had meanings, Guess what, God reveled the colors to me when I was studying the Tapestry of God's word. God is awesome. He answers in anyway. I take my time in studying the lessons. Thank you the founders and Staff of OBC. God bless you. OBC has reinvigorated my love and appreciation for the Word of God.

I was at a point where I grew stale in my walk with God and struggled to read the Word at home; it was just so difficult getting started. The Lord directed me to your website a few weeks ago and now I am excited about digging into the Word and Bible study is so much easier for me now. OBC is truly a godsend and I've already recommended you to others. So grateful and appreciative for OBC!! You have helped me in so many ways in my walk with Christ!

Simply, Thank You. I'm enjoying the lessons, and doing my best to do more in spite of distractions. Thank God the third distraction will soon be over and I will be able to do Obc in irregular water bottom lesson in a day.

When you really get into the word of God everything start happening from sickness to personal problems, even death. But through it all Obc in irregular water bottom still pushed to study even when I felt like falling on my face.

Thank you so much for this lesson as i further study we will pray that God will open the windows of heaven and pour out his blessing to your wonderful Team. I started OBC two nights ago and i am really in love with it. I could not leave my screen and sometimes find myself still sitting before my computer till in the morning. I wish that every youth try OBC. May God show his faithfulness to you all. God bless.

I have just completed the "Gospel of Rest" lesson and I am beyond Obc in irregular water bottom My life's orientation was instantly changed this evening. I am so grateful for this new understanding and for God's amazing Grace. Thank you for this lesson and God bless you all. This is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to go deeper with the bible.

Within the short time I have taking the lessons I have began to see the Bible Obc in irregular water bottom a whole new light. I am from Bhutan still working in the Bank for many years. I came to know Jesus Christ in the year through my uncle who also had presented a Bible. When I read in John: andthese verses really touched my heart and I accepted Lord Jesus Christ in the year I am still presenting these verses to dear and near one.

I have no idea before online study Bible except through chatting. I came to know from one of the sister who is from Phillipines. She is a Christian so we become good chat friends too. We shared our feelings each other in the net daily.

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