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Building on the experience we are gaining from monitoring live sports such as F1 or MotoGPthis time we turned our attention to football.

The Champions League is one of the most valuable football championships in the world, transacting billions of euros in media rights alone. So, we turned to football, in a partnership with Eleven Sports. The emotions of football fans are a new currency that should be treasured by leagues, sponsors, advertisers and broadcasters. Understanding when fans are truly engaged, and what drives their emotion in the game allows companies to transform emotion into revenue, by betting on key moments, the right editing choices and the most engaging players and sports leagues.

And what a match it was! What do people want when they buy a ticket or a PPV to a match? Feel emotion, passion, and adrenaline. And nothing drives emotion like goals!

Goals are considered golden opportunities for sponsor appearance image1 and are the right moments to launch banner advertisements or ad insertion. We now have data to back this up. Detecting and analyzing replays also allows a focus on the best editing options. How many, which, X. x. x de ronaldo which moments. One key insight for sponsors: goal replays across the game are the runner up as the most engaging event.

These are key opportunities for sponsoring referrals image2. He is clearly the MVP in the world. Through the tagging of the timeline, we were able to detect each moment each player touches the ball.

And Ronaldo really stole our hearts! Again, X. x. x de ronaldo interesting metric for sponsors! It gets more impressing when we compare Ronaldo with other players image3 :. No doubt he X. x. x de ronaldo crucial in this game as he scored the three goals — plus one annulled that won Juventus the qualifying round, but, judging from this, he seems to be worth every penny his sponsors invest.

Monitoring the reactions of fans to live events is a new and revolutionary way to measure football impact. These metrics allow advertisers, sponsors and media rights holders to move beyond hunches when producing events that fans love, and to complement audience ratings when assessing the value of sports as the ultimate vehicle for brand promotion.

Halloween is the advertising prelude before the apotheotic Christmas season, where advertisement and entertainment investment across the world, particularly the US, goes sky high. This year, at MindProber, we wanted to know which is the best trailer of the season. Well, maybe not the best, but the Rui hiduki nude pic thrilling of this Halloween!

Methodology We tested […]. Everyone enjoys the X. x. x de ronaldo caused by these events — and now we can measure it. For broadcasters, the main challenge comes from guaranteeing that the experience conveyed is optimal for the audience — ensuring that they FEEL what is happening as […]. With the digital boom of the 21st century, the attention focus starts to shift — huge developments came for content, metrics and targeting for digital channels.

But should television be […]. Clients area X. x. x de ronaldo area. Insert name. Case studies Consumer Behavior Market Research. Goals, goals, goals X. x. x de ronaldo do people want when they buy a ticket or a PPV to a match? Image 1. About the author. You may also like…. Advertising Case studies Does traditional brand placement still work?

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