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Break the laws of your inhibitions and become an Outlaw with Alexis Texas. Alexis Texas is a true porn star who has received some well-deserved acclaim in the industry. She's a small-town Texas girl who couldn't Alexis texas ass spread to make her Alexis texas ass spread in adult movies. After moving to L.

She's of mixed descent with some Puerto Rican as well as Norwegian traits from her family. This gives her a look that's unlike any other girl in the world of adult films. Alexis is 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighs pounds. Most of that weight seems to be in her rear, which is one of her most highlighted features. Her measurements are 34C While that healthy backside is what gets her the most attention, she is a charming, popular actress in many ways.

Co-stars, as well as fans and critics, have all praised Texas's unique talents on and off the set. Her stats don't quite define why she's such a popular adult film star. She's been in countless movies with many partners, and all those co-stars have had great things to say about this blonde bombshell. Alexis has been working in porn since her first movie in She began filming small scenes with companies like Bang Bros Alexis texas ass spread being a featured performer in movies like "Buttwoman" and "Blonde Ambition.

Inthe movie "Discovering Alexis texas ass spread Texas" was directed around her by Belladonna. Alexis Texas got into directing herself in with "Big Booty Tryouts. As ofthis star has made over appearances in various movies and has directed Porn chubby nature milf movies in which she sometimes performed. To her, it's so much more than just a job. There's a joy when she can choose the person she wants to engage with on set.

Having sex still gives her a thrill after Alexis texas ass spread of scenes and movies. Since entering the porn world, Alexis Texas has been honored many times. Alexis has also received a F. Award for Favorite Ass. Maxim named Alexis Alexis texas ass spread one of the top 12 female porn stars. She's one of the most talented and well-known actresses in the adult film industry.

Since getting her first AVN award inshe's received at Alexis texas ass spread one award each year except for It's clear that fans and critics love her work. There's much attention paid to her backside during award shows and in films, but Texas has other features that fans adore. They love her sexy smile, her beautiful eyes and the Alexis texas ass spread that she loves to perform.

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The Alexis Texas sex toy sleeve is hugely popular. You'll want to see for yourself what her adoring co-stars and fans love her. Put on one of her videos and enjoy your new Outlaw or Tornado orifice. Check Unselected Verified User. The Program is accessible through www. Members acquire no vested right or entitlement to the continued availability of any particular reward, benefit or redemption level.

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