I love on you're period. It's lovely to want too cry wearing cotton panties on you're period. Which I love when on you're period, is that I love too see you in you're cotton panties and you nsee me in my cotton briefs.

Noriega I only wear sex toys even on period. Bbbhgff Tell me more! I love during yuou're period. It's lovely to want to cry wearing undies during you're period.

Which I love during you're period, is that I love too see you in you're undies and you see me in my undies. Lol they're not seeing anything they themselves don't have I love when you're periods are up.

It's lovely to want to cry wearing underwear when you're periods are up. Which I love when you're periods are up, is that I love too see you in you're underwear and you see me in my underwear. Bbbhgff Hell yes honey! Hate to ruin your day babebut the girls will be heading south one day regardless what you do to try and stop it, outside of surgery of coarse.

Its not like you're sleeping upside down from the rafters or anything. I suspect gravity can influence Cute girls sleeping naked very much when you're in bed. I read an article recently that if you sleep with bras with underwire in them, it crushes a muscle near your arm pit, which isn't good.

But has nothing to do with all that BS about breast cancer. Sexual Health. Brave23 Xper 5. Or would you rather prefer to have ur bra and panties on while in bed?.

Share Facebook. Girls sleep naked? Add Opinion. Xper 5. I would never sleep with Cute girls sleeping naked bra I think it would bug me too much sleeping naked kinda makes you feel free and I've only heard this I usually sleep in pajamas if there's air conditioning. I'll sleep in a t-shirt no bra and panties if it's regular room temperature, this is most of the time. I sleep naked sometimes but only if I'm already naked before I go to bed. So, like if I take a shower right before bed or after sex, things like that.

I never intentionally get naked to sleep. Xper 7. I hate sleeping naked but I never sleep in a bra. Its just so uncomfortable to have that thing on all night. I usually just sleep in pjs without undergarments. I am trying to remember the last time I slept with anything on, with the exception of the few days a month I am on my period. Cute girls sleeping naked only cotton panties. Show All Show Less.

I had Cute girls sleeping naked idea that "many guys" sleep naked. In fact, I wonder how anyone would come about that "fact". But anyway I don't sleep naked, I always wear boxers. Actually a girl should always wear a bra when sleeping. Her breasts will be ever so thankful when she is over Do you know how uncomfortable it is to sleep with a bra in? Probably not. Sign Up Now!

Sort Girls First Guys First. I like sleeping with only a long T-shirt on. No undies except during my period. I never like sleeping with a bra, that is definitely uncomfortable. Sometimes I'll wear a cami or tank with pj shorts though. Hollister78 Xper 5. Ill sleep naked sometimes, depends on how I feel that night lol or if its cold boxers and a t shirt.

That would be just weird if you wore a bra to bed. Xper 6. I've never slept naked in my life I usually sleep with just a t-shirt. I've never slept naked. I can't imagine doing it because I have a Cute girls sleeping naked mate who sleeps in the same room haha. But sometimes I take my bra off and wear just a loose T if it's hot but that's about it. I hate sleeping naked, I tried Lust in her eyes a couple of time, I like little shorts and a tank top.

Thatguy16 Xper 6. I will always wear boxers unless it really hot in which case I sleep naked. BayHarborButcher Xper 7. I sleep naked sometimes. Most of the time I wear a long t-shirt or a nighty. I never wear a bra to bed. Since a few guys answered this question I sleep naked maybe a handful of times out of the year. Otherwise I'll usually wear shorts to bed. I dont sleep naked thats gross i always at the least have boxers on. Cute girls sleeping naked funny because in the summer I'll go to sleep in shorts and a tank, but wake up in the morning completely naked.

At some point in the middle of the night I get so hot that I'll sleepily take everything off. Interesting lol what do your friends think of your sleepovers lol. Most the time I wear boxers or it feels kinda uncomfortable lol. Hell4All-X Xper 2. Sleeping naked's well good! I'll only wear underwear when my periods are up and actual clothes when maybes stay over but apart from that - let it all hang out! I like sleeping naked or with only a long tshirt on. I hate wearing Cute girls sleeping naked or anything that is tight to my body when I'm Cute girls sleeping naked. PaintTheRainbow Xper 3.

Occasionially I'll sleep naked, but usually Cute girls sleeping naked with a bra and panties on. Its just comfortable. I'm pretty much on your team with this.

ImaBarbieGirl Xper 4. I sleep naked all the time and just love it! Also I dont like wearing underwears in the day. Without underwears under my clothes i feel much more horny and energetic.

I would love to but its just that my family would walk in going WTF. I get cold too easily. Heleana15 Xper 5. Related myTakes. Show All. The Hot Girl Face. An Update for Blocking!

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